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Pixar Fans Spot Hidden Reference To The Incredibles In Finding Nemo

Pixar Fans Spot Hidden Reference To The Incredibles In Finding Nemo

Did you spot any of these?

We always knew Pixar were clever with their hidden easter eggs in films, from the famous blue and yellow Luxo ball to the Pizza Planet delivery van.

But one treat that even the sharpest of fans might have missed is that every Pixar movie has a secret reference to the next film hidden somewhere in the animation. They're quite hard to spot, too!

See for yourself here:

And that discovery, made by TikTok creator Ivan Mars, only covers the most recent Pixar films like Toy Story 4, Luca, Onward, and Soul.

This tradition dates back all the way to Pixar's first film, Toy Story, in 1996!

Example, after Monsters Inc (2001) made reference to Finding Nemo (2003) with a little clown fish hanging on a child's bedroom wall, Finding Nemo then made reference to The Incredibles (2004) with a Mr Incredible comic book being read by a patient at P.Sherman's dental practice.

The easter eggs are endless!

After fans spotted the pattern, they were blown away.

"Damn I always knew there were references but I never picked them up as references for the next movie," commented one fan.

"Pixar easter eggs are the best of any movie studio," wrote another.

"You’ve blown my mind with these I’m so blessed to know this 🥰," gushed a third, while a fourth simply added: "Ain’t no way bro 😳😳😳".

"But you don’t know it’s an actual reference until the movie comes out," noted one viewer.

"This is the cool part 😏," Ivan replied.

We knew the Pixar animation team were clever, but this is absolutely blowing our minds!

The next film, Turning Red, is set for release later this month, which means there simply has to be an easter egg for it in Pixar's last film, Luca.

Anyone up for a movie marathon? Let us know if you find it!

Featured Image Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

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