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Fans Are Loving Olivia Colman's Perfect New True Crime Landscapers

Fans Are Loving Olivia Colman's Perfect New True Crime Landscapers

The dark comedy has been called 'perfect' by viewers.

New Sky drama Landscrapers aired on 7th December and has already won fans across the board. Viewers have labelled the true crime drama as "perfect" and applauded performances by lead stars Olivia Colman and David Threwlis.

The new four-part series tells the true story of married couple Susan and Christopher Edwards, who were convicted in 2014 for the murder of Susan's parents.

The series opens with Susan, played by Colman, on the phone to her solicitor and describes herself as being "in a bit of a pickle".

The full series is available to watch via Sky Atlantic or via NOWTV and some viewers have already raced through all four episodes.

One fan declared the series as "perfect" and praised the cast.

Viewers loved the new true crime series. (

Another loved the originality, writing on Twitter: "#Landscapers is honestly brilliant. Creative, quirky and that's just the protagonists! Doesn't judge but also has all the tropes of true crime drama but is original with it. Would recommend (just not when the in laws are over)."

A third wrote: "PSA #Landscapers is f*****g excellent. Go about your day. But watch #Landscapers".

One viewer described it as "compelling", they wrote: "I watched the #Landscapers miniseries last night starring Olivia Coleman. It’s about Susan and Chris Edwards who were convicted of murder in 2014. The cinematography is so compelling. If you’re studying film/TV you could analyse it for days!"

Some viewers found the new Sky series confusing (

However, not all viewers were a fan of the series. Some watching it found it wasn't quite to their taste, with one viewer labelling the series as "disappointing".

Another felt the series was confusing. They shared on social media: "I’m watching #Landscapers and I really don’t get what they were trying to do, the story (based on a true one) is ok, I like the dialogue and that but it’s just shot really weirdly. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not clever enough to get it lol".

Landscapers is available via Sky Atlantic and NOWTV.

Featured Image Credit: Picture credit: Stefania Rosini/ Sky UK/ HBO/ Sister

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