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Everything We Know About The Little Mermaid Reboot

Everything We Know About The Little Mermaid Reboot

We are so excited for this remake.

It might feel like we've been waiting for Disney's reboot of The Little Mermaid for ages, but the good news is there is an end in sight!

Ariel actress Halle Bailey - one half of the R’n’B duo ChloexHalle - posted an Instagram not long ago, confirming they have wrapped up filming the live-action movie.

And now, as of September 2021, we have a release date...

Here's what we know so far about The Little Mermaid live-action reboot.

The Little Mermaid is being remade into a live action movie (

Who is in The Little Mermaid cast?

The Little Mermaid has a star-studded cast with some rising stars as the protagonists.

Firstly, Halle will play opposite Jonah Hauer-King, who you may recognise from the 2017 BBC adaptation of Little Women.

Disney tweeted back in December 2020 a picture of all the main cast ahead of production.

Disney tweeted the main cast back in December 2020 (

The familiar faces included Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy as the iconic Ursula and Bond villain Javier Bardem as the mighty King Triton. There is also Awkwafina - from Ocean’s Eight and The Farewell - as the eccentric seagull Scuttle, and Daveed Diggs - from Hamilton and Snowpiercer - as the charming crab Sebastian.

Plus, behind the scenes, Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda worked on the movie and confessed back in February 2020 that he had written four original songs for the remake.

When can we expect The Little Mermaid to be released?

The movie was originally scheduled for a March 2020 debut, but just like a lot of other films, The Little Mermaid experienced severe delays due to coronavirus.

Halle announced the casting over two years ago (

We finally have an up-to-date release date, though, with Halle posting on Twitter confirming we can expect the film to land on May 26th, 2023.

Ok... so it's a bit of a wait away, but at least we have something to look forward to!

What sneak peeks do we have of The Little Mermaid?

Everything’s been very hush hush, with even Halle hiding her red hair as best as she could for weeks.

However, we do have some nuggets.

Halle teased her mermaid tail in a recent Instagram post (

In Halle’s Instagram post, she opened up her experience filming as the lead protagonist.

Suggesting it as been a long and tumultuous ride, but also one she's very proud of, she wrote: “It has been the toughest experience being away from everything and everyone i’ve ever known, to feeling self doubt/ loneliness, but also feeling such freedom and perseverance as i’ve reached the end.

"This experience has made me so much stronger than i ever thought i could be.”

“I cannot wait for time to speed up so you all can watch this film because it was made with so much love (plus blood sweat and tears)”.

We’ll be waiting eagerly for Disney’s next teaser for sure!

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Disney

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