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Emily In Paris Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Trailer

Emily In Paris Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Trailer

Emily In Paris season 2 recently aired on Netflix, and fans of the series are already thirsty for more.

Emily In Paris season 2 recently aired on Netflix, and fans of the series are already thirsty for more. 

From the makers of Sex and the City (which has also seen a reboot this year), Lily Collins stars as Emily, a marketing executive from Chicago who moves to Paris to be the ‘American perspective’ at her company’s firm. But it’s not the Parisian experience she was expecting at first with frosty colleagues and her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend not making it past a few weeks.

Emily soon turns a corner though when she meets Mindy (Ashley Park), her expat friend who shows her the ropes, and Camille (Camille Razat), who happens to be her sexy neighbour Gabriel’s (Lucas Bravo) girlfriend, which she only realises after she plants one on him… awkward.

What is Emily In Paris about?

Warning - season 1 and 2 spoilers 

At the end of season 1, Gabriel was about to move to Normandy to open a restaurant and cut ties with Camille, who didn’t want to move away. Gabriel then held a nice goodbye er.. adult sleepover? for Emily (very thoughtful of him) only to then have one of Emily’s rich clients invest in the original restaurant he couldn’t afford so he could stay in Paris after all. The last thing we see is Emily receiving a cryptic text from Camille asking if they can “talk.”

Season 2 sees Emily juggle more work and personal life crises as she continues to find her feet in Paris. Season 2 also ends on a cliffhanger, which sees Emily call Sylvie and tell her that she’s made a decision about whether to stay in Paris - but it seems that the social media mogul will give the French capital another chance as Netflix have renewed the show for another two seasons, taking us through to seasons three and four with Emily.

What will happen in season 3 of Emily In Paris?

Without a trailer being released as of yet, there's no concrete evidence of what's in store for the next series, but it's likely that season three would no doubt answer questions from the nail-biting season two finale. 

However, Collins did hint on her Instagram in recent moments that the series might be set for a change of location to Berlin, after she posted photos from a shoot of her edgier, shorter hairstyle. Underneath the photo, her cast members seem to be hinting about a move to Berlin in one of the future seasons based on the comments they left and the Twitter screenshot she provided.

What is the season 3 Emily In Paris release date?

Although Netflix has officially announced their renewal of the show for season three and four, they haven’t yet announced a release date for the third season. 

However, it’s predicted that we might get to watch season three as soon as December 2022. 

Variety reported that the third season will shoot again at the Studios of Paris in the spring or summer of this year, but other locations including London (eep!) are being explored. 

What does the cast look like for Emily In Paris season 3?

It’s almost a given that the lead actress and producer Collins will return as Emily Cooper, among fan-favourites like Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Park (Mindy), Razat (Camille), Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Julian (Samuel Arnold) and Luc (Bruno Gouery).

However, as actress Kate Walsh, who plays the role of Cooper’s heavily pregnant chicago boss Madeline, recently appeared in season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery (16 years after first appearing on the show), and was set to give birth on season two of Emily In Paris, it’s unlikely that we’ll see her appear in season three.

It’s unclear whether Alfie (played by (Lucien Laviscourt) will join seasons three and four, as it’s not clear at this point whether he and Emily will continue their relationship. At the end of season two Alfie finds out that Emily and Gabriel used to date, but he admits that he stayed in Paris just to be with her, even though his job is in London. He seems to want a relationship with Emily, will that happen now?

Season 3 Emily In Paris trailer:

As Season 2 has only just recently dropped on the streaming giant and Netflix has yet to share a trailer for season 3, it's too early to watch one yet.

Keep checking back though, as we'll drop one right here as soon as it's released.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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