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EastEnders viewers left cringing over Sonia’s new boyfriend reacting to her lesbian past

EastEnders viewers left cringing over Sonia’s new boyfriend reacting to her lesbian past

While many have been cringing about the scene, others found it pretty hilarious.

If you sit in front of the TV and stick EastEnders on every night, you know for sure you are in for some drama.

The BBC soap is known for its truly spectacular moments and unexpected storylines - though a scene in last night's (8 June) episode had fans cringing.

The scene in question involves the rather awkward character of Reiss Colwell and Sonia Fowler - who have been dating for several months now.

The pair were at Sharon and Keanu's for a dinner party, but many feel Reiss crossed a line when he found out Sonia is bisexual.

The dinner party took a rather unexpected turn.

After finding out about his partner's sexuality, Reiss said: "Blokes don't get the option though do they, to dip in and dip out, not that I'd want to."

While that was bad enough, Reiss took it once step further, with Sonia calling him out for his biphobia.

Reiss used the analogy of a train where a man gets off 'the straight train' at 'todger town' for a break but then he is 'known as gay Dave for the rest of his life'.

After that rather controversial statement, Sonia stormed out of the room with Keanu and Sharon looking on in shock.

As you'd expect, the scene garnered a lot of attention on social media, with many taking to the likes of Twitter to react.

One cringing fan wrote: "Crying at Sonia and her new Biphobic boyfriend #EastEnders."

A second added: "Obsessed with sonia’s new boyfriend reacting to her lesbian past. I can’t get over todger town."

And a third found it pretty funny: "This has to be the funniest scene on EE in AGES," the fan wrote.

However, a fourth was less than impressed: "My god this was PAINFUL."

Many viewers were left cringing from the scene.

Natalie Cassidy, the actor who plays Sonia in EastEnders, has previously spoke about playing the character, saying her sexuality is 'complicated'.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2022, Cassidy said: "Sonia's sexuality is complicated.

"People come up to me and say, 'Oh, you're not a lesbian anymore.' But the truth is that Sonia can fall for anyone, man or woman."

Cassidy first arrived on the square in 1993, and she loves how 'dull' Sonia can be.

"Sonia's dull. She's boring. I like that about her. She works really hard as a nurse, then comes home, and there's always someone who isn't family she's looking after," the actor said.

"At the moment, she lives alone and I like that. She isn't just looking for love all the time."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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