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Fury as woman demands train passenger to move out of reserved train seat

Fury as woman demands train passenger to move out of reserved train seat

The anonymous passenger took to Reddit to vent their frustrations over the incident

Another day, another argument over reserved train seats... And today's spat has caused a fair bit of fury after a woman demanded a passenger to move from their reserved seat.

One would think by 2023, the issue of reserved train seats would be solved by now. But sadly, here we are.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous train passenger vented about their recent experience on a gruelling 10-hour-long journey, explaining how they had a seat reservation for the entirety of the journey as 'the train is usually fully booked and people without reservation sometimes have to sit on the floor'.

While it's not clear where the passenger is from in the world, they explained: "The way it works with the train company here is that over each seat row there is a small screen labelling which seats are reserved and from which city to which (not specifying the station if the train stops multiple times in one city).

"Also, when the train has passed the city the seat will no longer be labelled as reserved, as either the owner of the reservation will be sitting there or it will be empty and up for grabs for anyone else."

"As I boarded the train on the first stop my reservation wasn't showing up after the train left the station," they went on.

"The seat next to me was labelled as reserved from the next city onwards. The train stops multiple times in the city, so there is no way of knowing when the other person will board the train.

Chris Rout / Alamy Stock Photo

"At some point a woman (let's label her woman A) sat next to me, asking if the empty one is the reserved seat. I said yes, assuming she is the one with the reservation and got confused about the numbering of the seats."

The passenger then explained that issues arose at the next stop when a different woman entered the train and said that 'Woman A' was sat in her seat.

'Woman A' then argued that the passenger was must be in the reserved seat and refused to listen when they showed them their booked ticket.

"Woman A refused to listen and was of the opinion that if Woman B has a reservation I must move because she was there first claiming the unreserved seat as the screen only shows one reservation.

"Therefore, regardless what's on my ticket, the reservation wouldn't be valid, and I must move so woman B can sit in my seat according to her. I told woman A that I am not going to give up my reserved seat.

Cultura Creative RF / Alamy Stock Photo

"Woman B then threatened to find the train conductor if woman A refuses to get off her seat."

'Woman A' told the passenger she'd be getting off the train at the next city and that they could sit on the floor or stand and get their seat back 1.5h later - an offer they, of course, refused.

"I refused again and after woman B threatened to find the conductor again woman A grudgingly got up and mumbled something as she went looking for a different seat."

And for the cherry on top of the cake, 'Woman A' apparently found an alternative seat almost immediately after causing the dispute. Lovely.

Featured Image Credit: Image Source / migstock / Alamy Stock Photo

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