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EastEnders fans convinced Ricky Jr is the father of 12-year-old Lily Slater's baby

EastEnders fans convinced Ricky Jr is the father of 12-year-old Lily Slater's baby

Viewers were left stunned by the twists in the soap's latest storyline

EastEnders fans were recently left in shock after discovering that one of Albert Square's youngest residents 12-year-old Lily Slater is pregnant.

However, upon discovery of the surprise pregnancy, she refused to say who the baby's father is, but now fans have a theory of their own: Ricky Jr. Watch the moment the pregnancy is unveiled below:

Upon discovery of the pregnancy in hospital, Lily was told she had to speak to a police officer and social worker because she is under the age of consent of 16 in the UK.

This left her in a state of total shock, despite her mum Stacey breaking the news in the kindest way she could, and she said she didn't want to discuss how she ended up pregnant.

Now, fans are convinced that the father is another 12-year-old on the show, Ricky Jr - AKA Ricky Mitchell - who was born back in 2010 following Sam's affair with Jack.

He's due to turn 13 in September, while according to the show's storyline, Lily will be 13 in June.

Fans have came to the conclusion that he may well be the father because they've noticed the pair in an increased number of scenes together in recent months - albeit very much blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments.

He may well have, for example, won Lily over after he he defended her following an argument with Amy.

The father of Lily's baby is currently a mystery.
BBC / EastEnders

Taking to Twitter to share the theory, one fan speculated: "So who is the father of Lily's baby? I'm gunna say small Ricky. It's always the quiet ones."

A second added: "I really think the father of Lily's baby is Ricky Jr.

"Thinking back, there have been loads of little scenes where he's taking calls or dashing off somewhere, but no one really notices. He's been very much under the radar recently as has Lily [and] I think this is why."

A third remarked: "I know it's probably Ricky Jr that's the dad to Lily's baby, but don't let it be Freddie... he's the only one of the few characters left that I like [sic]."

"Ricky junior is the father - remember all the hints we spotted?" questioned a fourth. "Ricky was sneaking off a lot, texting someone and the throwaway line of ricky asking lily if she was okay [sic]."

A fifth shared a scene where Ricky Jr is asked where's he's off to, and he replies without specifying 'seeing a mate'.

What do you think? One thing's for sure, it's a storyline that's got fans talking.

Featured Image Credit: BBC