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Derry Girls Writer Shares Two Storylines That Were Cut From Series

Derry Girls Writer Shares Two Storylines That Were Cut From Series

Derry Girls fans are going to want to read this...

As Derry Girls fans prepare to bid farewell to the hit Channel 4 comedy, creator and writer Lisa McGee has shared two storylines that were cut from the third and final series.

McGee, who has written all three series, said the two cut storylines were "very funny" and involved James Maguire (played by Dylan Llewellyn).

Lisa McGee revealed two axed storylines. (

Speaking to Digital Spy, she said she’s considering putting the axed storylines online to share with fans.

In one example McGee shared, she said: “In a whole different episode that never made it, they discover at the school that James was never baptised, never christened, so he has to get baptised as an adult”.

The storyline would see the group of pals attempt to baptise their friend.

She added: “So the gang have this huge fallout because they want to be his godparents, because you know you kind of choose two in the Catholic Church, so he’s auditioning the gang for which two are gonna be the godparents.”

Both episodes would have focused on Dylan Llewellyn's character James Maguire. (
Hat Trick Productions/Channel 4)

Although she thought the episode was both “very stupid” and “really funny” she decided to cut it because she “couldn’t find the political heart of it".

The other storyline she teased would have involved James pretending to be a football fan, leading to him having to coach a team.

If the episode was made, it would have included first-aid lessons for the group of teens.

The final episode of series three aired on Channel 4 on Tuesday night and fans were left in tears over a very traumatic plot twist.

Derry Girls fans are sad about the show ending. (
Alamy/Hat Trick Productions/Channel 4)

One viewer posted a meme of Oscar Isaac looking sad and said: "I am never gonna emotionally recover from that episode #DerryGirls."

While lots of fans praised the twist in the final episode, with one person tweeting: "This new Derry Girls episode was everything, it’s exactly what death is like. nothing prepares you for it, one minute everything’s fine and the next they’re gone – f***ing amazing".

A special hour long episode, titled "The Agreement", is set to air tonight (18th May) on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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