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Derry Girls Writer Explains Why James and Erin Didn't Get Together

Derry Girls Writer Explains Why James and Erin Didn't Get Together

Will they? Won't they? They won't.

Just like that, Channel 4's beloved Derry Girls has officially wrapped, leaving fans grinning through their tears on Wednesday night (18 May) with an hour-long special.

After a rather devastating series finale on Tuesday night, viewers were pretty distraught. But all was forgiven just 24 hours later when we got to see the girls one last time as they prepared to vote on the Good Friday Agreement – and to celebrate Erin and Orla's 18th birthday.

Taking us one year into the future, writer Lisa McGee tied up a lot of loose ends for our favourite characters, but after waiting three whole seasons to see it finally happen, some fans were surprised when the show's will-they-won't-they couple James and Erin didn't end up together.

James and Erin didn't get together by the series finale. (
Channel 4)

Since James (Dylan Llewellyn) first flew to Northern Ireland to stay with his cousin Michelle (Jamie-Lee O'Donnell), there had always been subtle hints of a possible romance between he and Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson).

Fans held back tears in season two when James arrived at Erin's house to escort her to the prom when she was stood up by her crush John Paul.

And they could hardly contain themselves when James finally confessed his feelings for Erin in season three, after having a near-death experience. Although Erin indicated that she felt the same way with a kiss, the pair agreed that it was for the best if they stayed friends for the time being.

Fans went wild when James and Erin finally kissed. (
Channel 4)

But despite all the subtle hints that James and Erin might eventually get their big moment in the Derry Girls special, they just... didn't.

Lisa McGee has an explanation for us all.

She said: "I wanted to slightly have my cake and eat it with leaving it like that because I don't want the end of the show to be about a love story, I want it to be about a group of friends.

"So I slightly cheated a bit, I did it in episode four and then I pulled back from it."

The show wrapped this week with a one-hour special. (
Channel 4)

Not only that, but the Derry Girls creator suggested that the pair might yet make it work.

"I kind of felt like they might get together way in the future, like in their 30s maybe, and they'll be friends and they'll go through a lot of stuff together."

Let's all just say that James and Erin go on to live happily ever after, shall we?

You can watch all three seasons of Derry Girls on All4.

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