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Britain's Got Talent viewers believe they have found out the real identity of CGI cat Noodle

Britain's Got Talent viewers believe they have found out the real identity of CGI cat Noodle

The CGI cat got a standing ovations from the judges

Britain’s Got Talent viewers reckon they know how is the voice behind the CGI singing cat Noodle.

BGT judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and newcomer Bruno Tonioli were taken aback when the animated cat rocked up to the stage on Saturday night’s episode, with Alesha saying it was the most ‘bizarre’ audition she’d ever seen. You can check it out here:

The grey-coloured computer-generated moggy wore a Union Flag neckerchief and told the judges: "My name is Noodle. I wanted to come and audition for Britain's Got Talent because there are so many dogs made famous by the show, I thought it was time you saw a talented cat."

Noodle then coughed up a hairball before belting out a spot-on rendition of 'Feeling Good' - receiving a standing ovation from the judges and shocked gasps from the audience.

Amanda said: "I can't believe that voice has come out of somebody with such a tiny neck."

Noodle the cat sang his heart out.

While Bruno reckoned the cat must belong to Michael Buble, Simon said: “I never thought I would one day be talking to a cat saying how much I loved your singing voice but I am and I think, Noodle, you could possibly win the show.”

Viewers also loved the singing feline, but many took to social media to question why the person behind Noodle didn’t just audition as normal, with some suggesting it may be because they were famous and didn’t want to reveal their identity.

Noodle got a standing ovation from the judges.

Suggestions about who Noodle might be came in thick and fast, with McFly’s Tom Fletcher, actor Taron Egerton and former BGT star Marc Spelmann all having their names thrown into the ring.

Meanwhile, Tom Ball, from last year’s BGT, was also mentioned several times by viewers.

One person commented: “It’s Tom Ball from last year's BGT. 10000%. Listen to the voice, it's him. Put money on it.”

Someone else said: “That cat thing is 100% Tom Ball’s voice.”

Another said: “I‘m pretty sure Noodle was called Nouille last year on France‘s Got Talent. Spoiler: In the semi-final it was revealed that it was a former contestant singing. So hopefully we‘ll see last year’s finalist Tom Ball again.”

While a fourth said: “The voice sounds like that Tom Ball that was on BGT last year, I think.”

Others thought the voice sounds like Queen and American Idol star Adam Lambert. “Sounded like Adam Lambert,” one viewer said, while another wrote: “Adam Lambert on BGT.”

Noodle received four yeses from the judges meaning we haven’t heard the last of the singing cat.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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