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There's been plenty of ups and downs on this year's Britain's Got Talent, but when it came time to crown the eventual winner it ended up not being the most popular of decisions.

From thousands of auditions the judges whittled it down to a select few acts for the semi-finals and then the talent pool narrowed further for the final.

One by one, talented acts tumbled to the wayside until we were left with just 13-year-old gymnast Lillianna Clifton and Norwegian comedian Viggo Venn.

The final decision for who had won this year's Britain's Got Talent was announced and it turned out that the funny man had taken the prize. He embraced Dec, Ant and then Lillianna while gold confetti poured down to celebrate his win.

However, not everyone was so happy at him taking the top spot on the talent show as some booing could be heard amid the cheers from the BGT live audience.

Some Britain's Got Talent viewers weren't happy with the eventual winner.

While some in the audience chanted 'one more time' and called on him to perform for them again, which he dutifully agreed to do, there was some discontent at the eventual winner of the talent show.

His act had him in a high-vis jacket, dancing around the stage to a Daft Punk song and getting inside a balloon that covered his body.

It was good enough to win Britain's Got Talent, but some viewers disagreed with the result.

One person said they were 'wondering how this guy Viggo Venn with his performance won it all', declaring 'this world no balance' which doesn't sound like a compliment.

Someone else asked 'have people gone mad' and denounced the comedian for having a 'silly act', arguing that 'the public chose stupidity over talent' as they thought there had been some 'potential mega stars' among the acts that didn't make it.

Plenty of others found Viggo Venn to be a deserved winner.

Some other viewers slammed the final winner decision as 'dreadful' and 'a huge letdown'.

A few even called for the show to be cancelled in protest at Viggo Venn's victory, which sounds a bit harsh considering he clearly has talent.

Shutting the whole thing down because someone you didn't want to win got it one year might be a bit over the line.

There were others who stuck up for the Norwegian comedian, saying 'just because it's simple doesn't mean it isn't talent' and praising him for being an act free of sob stories.

Another praised him as an 'absolutely wonderful idiot' while a third fan said his victory was proof that 'people want to laugh'.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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