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Bridgerton Fans Are Just Realising Where They've Seen Theo Before

Bridgerton Fans Are Just Realising Where They've Seen Theo Before

Did you recognise him?

Bridgerton fans are just discovering that Nicola Coughlan isn't the only cast member to have also appeared in Derry Girls.

Actor Calam Lynch, who plays Theo in season two of Bridgerton, also appears as John Paul O'Reilly in the the fifth episode of the Channel 4 comedy's second season.

Calam Lynch in Derry Girls (
Channel 4)

Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson) spots John Paul, who kissed her on the cheek once at a party, being broken up with.

Immediately after his girlfriend leaves, Erin promptly goes over to John Paul, much to the chagrin of her friends, and asks him to attend prom with them.

Viewers of the show will know that he ultimately stands Erin up, and James (Dylan Llewellyn) steps in to take her to prom instead.

Bridgerton fans who noticed the actors appearance in this scene took to Twitter with their discovery.

Theo has quickly become a fan-favourite due to his interactions with Eloise (

"Oh my word I’ve just realised Theo Sharpe from #Bridgerton plays John Paul in Derry girls" posted on eagle-eyed viewer.

Another wrote: "theo is very cute (the actor was also in an ep of derry girls we love to see it) and i quite like eloise developing a crush #Bridgerton".

A third simply put: "Rewatching Derry Girls and realized that John-Paul O’Reilly is also Theo Sharpe in Bridgerton 🤯".

The actor also appears in the movies Dunkirk, Black Beauty and Benediction.

Theo was introduced into the story as a potential love interest for Eloise (

The son of actors Niamh Cusack and Finbar Lynch, Calam comes from a large acting family that includes The White Queen star Max Irons and Father Brown's Sorcha Cusack.

The actor has discussed his Bridgerton role with Us Weekly, saying that he hopes there is a future for Eloise and Theo: "I think as an actor, you have to back your character. But it didn’t take much of an effort for me to back their relationship because I think they’re perfect for each other."

Bridgerton viewers have been noticing many cast members appearances in earlier TV shows and movies. Just last week some fans rediscovered Jonathan Bailey's appearance in Chewing Gum.

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