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Below Deck: Everything You Need To Know About Series 9

Below Deck: Everything You Need To Know About Series 9

The drama-packed sea-based reality series is back for more episodes. Season nine of Below Deck drops 26th October on HayU.

The highly-anticipated season nine of Bravo's Below Deck drops on 26th October, and fans are set to expect big changes.

It looks as if the show's main staple, Captain Lee, will be absent for at least part of the series. How will the crew get on under new management?

Here's where you'll be able to find the series, so you can watch to your hearts' content!

Watch the trailer below:

The new series looks as chaotic as ever, with stars sorting sweets into colours during the day and pouring prosecco on themselves at night. This comes after first officer Eddie Lucas revealed bosses had to install cameras into the laundry rooms after too much debauchery!

While series eight took place in Antigua, the team will this time be travelling to the Caribbean. The season nine film-crew was previously spotted shooting on the stunning island of Saint Kitts.

The team will be staying on a 56-metre superyacht known as 'My Seanna', following the sale of whopping million-dollar 'Starship', the delta marine superyacht. Seanna can hold up to 12 guests and 11 crew members.

The new superyacht 'My Seanna' will take the team to Saint Kitts. (

In Captain Lee's partial absence, newly-promoted first officer Eddie will have to take on double-duty in order for the running of the ship to succeed. As well as the disappearance of Captain Lee, a mass of new faces are set to join the crew. Including new chief stewardess Heather Chase and deckhands Jake Foulger, Rayna Lindsey and Wes O'Dell.

Where's Captain Lee? Show staple is missing for at least half of series nine. (

While US fans were able to enjoy the premier a day earlier (25th October) on Bravo, viewers in the UK will be able to find the reality series on streaming platform HayU. A new episode is set to drop every Tuesday.

Viewers can subscribe to the platform for £4.99 a month, as well as gaining access to a number of other reality shows.

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