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Viewers hail ‘timeless’ crime drama series you need to see after binge-watching Netflix’s The Night Agent

Viewers hail ‘timeless’ crime drama series you need to see after binge-watching Netflix’s The Night Agent

People are raving over the TV classic

Crime dramas are definitely having a bit of a moment now and it's clear armchair critics all over are eager for their next fix after binging just about every new thing out there.

However, you'll be happy to know there's some absolute bangers that have flown under the radar for some years now that people are loving.

Viewers are now hailing one particular 'timeless' crime drama you need to watch after powering through Netflix’s The Night Agent in next to no time at all.

There's a banging crime drama to binge-watch while you wait for the second season of The Night Agent.

OK, so in case you've yet to check out The Night Agent - the first season of the show first dropped on the streaming platform last year, and fans of the series have since been buzzing to know that the show will be renewed for another 10 episodes.

Once dubbed 'series two' of BBC's Bodyguard, the series in question follows low-level FBI agent Peter Sutherland who works in the basement of the White House, just waiting for the call that will change his career.

The 'timeless' series in question first dropped way back when in 2013.

Before long, Peter finds himself wrapped up in a conspiracy theory leading all the way to the Oval Office.

Now, in the limbo of us all waiting for season two, many TV buffs out there have pointed fellows fans of the series toward The Americans - which first aired on FX back in 2013 - to keep them occupied in the interim.

One Reddit user shared their recommendations for similar shows to The Night Agent, praising it as a 'fantastic show all around' with 'incredible acting and storytelling'. Check out the official six-season series trailer here:

They continued: "It also dives deeply into character. Definitely a prestige drama. "You might think it's a slow burn, but it's so, so good and worth it, in my opinion.

"Full disclosure: I haven't finished it yet, though it's generally considered one of the best dramas."

Other social media have since rushed to share their praise for The Americans with one X, formerly Twitter, user writing: "I feel The Americans stayed strong throughout the whole series. One of the few that managed it over the last decade."

A second gushed: "A revisiting of some TV series that forged some parts of my teenage years is something I do intermittently. The Americans is simply timeless and visually propulsive."

Well, I know what I'll be watching this week.

The Night Agent is currently available to stream on Netflix and The Americans is currently available to stream on Disney+.

Featured Image Credit: FX/Netflix

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