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And Just Like That... SATC Fans Convinced Steve And Carrie Will Get Together After Spotting Clue In Trailer

And Just Like That... SATC Fans Convinced Steve And Carrie Will Get Together After Spotting Clue In Trailer

Could love be in the air from an unlikely source?

We’re nearing the end of And Just Like That, the brand new Sex and the City reboot, and the series has had plenty of surprises in store.

Not only have we bid farewell to Mr Big, who tragically died following a Peloton related heart attack, one of the show’s longest-running and best loved couples, Steve and Miranda bit the dust.

And now, fans are predicting an unlikely romance between Steve and Carrie after spotting a mysterious interaction between the pair in the latest trailer. Is that... Carrie in Steve's house?!

Did you spot the on-screen chemistry?

While they have faced their ups and downs, Miranda decided their marriage was well and truly over when she fell for the charms of Che Diaz, Carrie’s non-binary, sex-positive podcast boss.

The trailer of the penultimate episode sees Steve and Carrie spending time alone together following Steve and Miranda’s split.

And after seeing the latest trailer, fans believe sparks could fly between the pair.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Carrie and Steve? I ship it?”

Fans are now hoping Steve and Carrie reunite (

“Can Carrie and Steve be a thing? Or is that totally inappropriate?” a second person asked.

“Okay I’d be alright if Carrie and Steve were a thing,” a third person agreed.

“Steve and Carrie would’ve been a cute couple. Miranda didn’t deserve him,” a fourth concurred.

And a fifth said: “I’ve always loved scenes between Carrie and Steve. More of that please!”

Fans are celebrating the pair's closeness (

However, Miranda may not be getting a happy ending with Che.

While we saw her hurriedly heading to the airport to be reunited with her lover, the trailer suggests Miranda will get her heart broken.

When she turns up to surprise Che, the comedian is less than happy to see her.

Fans were upset Miranda had cheated (

Will they be able to define their relationship by the finale? And will the ‘vibes’ between Steve and Carrie turn to a full-blown romance?

And Just Like That continues Thursdays on Sky Comedy and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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