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365 Days Author Made An Appearance In This Day And Everybody Missed It

365 Days Author Made An Appearance In This Day And Everybody Missed It

Did you spot Blanka Lipinska?

Love it or loathe it, viewers have been glued to the second 365 Days movie since it dropped on Netflix last week.

The steamy follow-up film, 365 Days: This Day, is a sequel to the erotic thriller, which was adapted from the book trilogy by Polish author Blanka Lipińska.

Fans have been glued to every detail of the second instalment, but many totally missed a cameo appearance from author Blanka Lipińska herself.

Yep, Blanka appears in two scenes during the movie, once at the wedding and again during the 'evening' scene.

Blanka previously shared a screengrab from one of the scenes and posted it on her Instagram Stories, writing: "Who's that girl? Yep, it's me."

If you didn't spot Blanka, it's easy to understand why, after the author had a total transformation for the cameo, swapping her blonde hair for long dark locks.

Did you spot Blanka Lipińska? (
Instagram/Blanka Lipińska)

While IMDb doesn't give much away about her character (apart from the fact she is called Elena), she is pregnant in the scene and appears to be one of Massimo's relatives.

And some fans were shocked they didn't spot Blanka, with one writing: "So it seems the author has a cameo in the film as 'Elena'. I scrolled back and couldn't find her at all. Did anyone spot her?"

Blanka revealed she had appeared in the film (
Blanka Lipińska/Instagram)

If you're yet to watch 365 Days: This Day, the second movie follows Laura and Massimo as they finally get married. But things quickly turn complicated after the mysterious Nacho arrives on the scene as the couple's gardener, and tries to win Laura's heart.

Things get messier when - plot twist - Massimo's evil twin brother Adriano comes into the mix, teaming up with Massimo's ex-girlfriend Anna to take him down.

Laura catches Anna and Adriano (who she thinks is Massimo) sleeping together, and ends up running away with Nacho, leaving Massimo worried sick as he tries to make sense of what happened.

Will Laura and Massimo reunite? Or is it all over?

The second instalment to 365 Days has recently hit Netflix (

You can stream 365 Days: This Day on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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