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Woman on minimum wage shares how she travels the world by staying in swanky houses for free

Woman on minimum wage shares how she travels the world by staying in swanky houses for free

She's dedicated herself to a life of travelling and has picked up some tricks along the way

A woman who has visited 70 countries has revealed how she’s managed to stay in swish apartments and stunning houses for absolutely free. I’ll be right back, I’m just digging out my passport. 

Sibu De Benedictis, 33, moved out her last permanent home shortly after finishing high-school and has since decided to live a more nomadic lifestyle. 

Sibu reckons she’s been to around 70 countries and insists that travelling doesn’t need to be expensive, if you’re savvy with your money

She said: "There's such a misconception travel is unaffordable.

Sibu De Benedictis has visited 70 countries.

"But money-wise, my number one priority is travel as much as I can, even on minimum wage - it's just about being smart with it.

"Twenty-five dollars can buy you five Starbucks coffees, but it could also buy you drinks at a rotating bar in Baku, Azerbaijan, or a day wandering around Mayan ruins in Mexico.

"There are so many things you can do or get for free too, you just have to do some research and pick your favourite.

"All my belongings are in storage apart from the suitcase I have with me, so I can go anywhere I want.

She's shared some tips on travelling for cheap.

"I've been living off jobs that are minimum wage or less for a good amount of years now - I'm living proof you can make it work on a budget.

"The world would be a better place if we could all travel more."

To fund her travels, Sibu has worked numerous jobs including bartending and waitressing. 

Over the years, Sibu has picked up all manner of hacks and tips to travel on the cheap, one of which includes signing up to Trusted Housesitters that lets her stay in luxury homes for free. 

Travellers should of course be aware of specific visa conditions when entering any country, even if a house sitting job is unpaid.

She said: "House sitting changed my life.

"Sometimes it involves looking after plants or pets but it allows you to go anywhere.

She uses a housesitting app for free accommodation.

"Once you've paid the membership, the possibilities are endless."

Another tip Sibu swears by is always travelling light, meaning she only ever needs hand luggage when travelling. 

She also highlights the importance of keeping an eye on the pennies if you plan on living a ‘digital nomad lifestyle’. 

 "You have to account for the little things you buy - $10 here and $10 there does add up,” she said. 

"Do you really want to take a taxi when you could catch public transport?

"Be aware that every dollar you spend could be spent on experiences so you have to spend smart."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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