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World's tallest woman shows how she travels as planes are forced to remove seats

World's tallest woman shows how she travels as planes are forced to remove seats

She provided a step-by-step demonstration

Even the shortest of us can find it a tad uncomfy being cooped up on a plane for hours on end.

However, it's clear plane travel is a whole other story for the world's tallest woman, Rumeysa Gelgi, who has opened up on exactly how she jet-sets around the globe.

The 26-year-old, who hails from Turkey, has been part of the Guinness World Record family since she was a teenager and has offered fans a glimpse into what it's like travelling on a plane.

And, given that the planes have to remove seats to make way for Rumeysa, there's absolutely no issue about sub-par legroom. Have a look:

Rumeysa - who is seven-foot - has Weaver syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes rapid growth, and gets around using a wheelchair.

Earlier this year in April, Rumeysa took to Instagram to share with her 38.1k followers what travel looks like for someone of her height.

"For those wondering how I travel by plane," she captioned a short clip demonstrating the process.

The video began showing a team of staff members lifting Rumeysa, who was secured to a bed, up towards an entry of the aircraft.

It then cut to the five-time world record winner laying down horizontally on the plane while the rest of the passengers sat in seats.

Rumeysa Gelgi was lifted onto the aircraft by a team of staff.

She showed her followers a lavish brekky consisting of fresh fruit and pancakes before filming the views on the plane's descent down to its final destination.

In a separate post, Rumeysa thanked Turkish Airlines for their service and how accommodating they were for her.

"Another wonderful flight by the one and only @turkishairlines," she posted on Instagram.

The woman continued her praise, writing: " I can’t even thank enough to all of @turkishairlines departments, executives, staff and crew.

"A massive team worked so hard to make my journey to the USA and back unforgettable, and I’ll be forever grateful for the care, concern and support that every single personnel has shown.

The world's tallest woman then lay horizontally in the bed during the flight.

"Thanks to @turkishairlines, I could make 'my biggest and most impossible dream' possible."

She shared with her followers that she was 'looking forward to continuing to explore the world' and revealed the flight 'definitely won't be [her] first and last plane trip'.

"See you again somewhere in the world soon!" she concluded.

Rumeysa hasn't just broken records for her height as she's also smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest thumb on a living female, the largest hands on a living female and the longest back on a living female.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@rumeysagelgi

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