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Inside the lavish UK hotel where Beyoncé and Jay Z stayed for '£20,000 a night'

Inside the lavish UK hotel where Beyoncé and Jay Z stayed for '£20,000 a night'

Queen B had quite the photoshoot during her stay

When she has the time to visit the UK, where does someone like Beyoncé spend the night?

The 'Break My Soul' singer and her husband Jay Z are hardly interested in your run-of-the-mill hotel or B&B. No, when this billion-dollar couple go out, they're only getting the best of the best.

That's why, when they visited London last year for the BFI London Film Festival, they booked the luxurious Corinthia Hotel.

The hotel, situated in central London just between Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, is conveniently right across the river from BFI Southbank, where the festival is held.

When Bey and Jay made the journey over to London for the event, not only did they stay in one of the city's most extravagant hotels, but they chose the most luxurious suite it had to offer.

The Royal Penthouse - rather appropriate for Queen Bey - is a breathtaking two-storey apartment complete with a terrace looking out onto the Thames, a personal butler, and access to the hotel's exclusive private wine collection.

Like we said, only the best.

Super fans will recognise some of the rooms in the exquisite suite from the background of Beyoncé's Instagram posts.

For example, a carousel of photos posted to her account last October show the pop icon posing on a spiral staircase that wraps around a crystal chandelier. Look familiar?

Beyoncé made the most of the stunning penthouse suite.
Corinthia Hotel London

In another post, Beyoncé posed in a short black blazer dress beside Jay Z on the private terrace of their suite, overlooking the Thames and the London Eye.

The couple had the best views of the city during their visit.
Corinthia Hotel London

And, in a third upload from her sweeping London visit, Beyoncé posed in front of a mirrored wall, as seen in the dining room of the Royal Penthouse.

Looks familiar, doesn't it?
Corinthia Hotel London

According to the Corinthia website, the stunning room boasts two bedrooms, a walk-in wardrobe, a living room with a private balcony, a Makassar ebony dining room, a lounge with a fireplace and cocktail cabinet, a private study, a kitchen with a walk-in wine cellar, a private spa suite, and a powder room.

The bathroom features both a rain shower and a bathtub complete with built-in TV, as well as access to products by the Corinthia's ESPA.

The couple were able to access the 5,000 square-foot apartment through a private elevator, with no need to mingle with the other guests.

Bey and Jay stayed in the hotel's penthouse suite.
Corinthia Hotel London

Staying in the pricey room meant that Beyoncé and Jay Z had complimentary access to the hotel's private wine collection, personal shopper, shoeshine service, 24-hour in-room dining, gym, spa, and pool, and a personal driver.

While the Royal Penthouse is the only room in the luxury hotel that doesn't have its price listed on the website, various travel magazines report that a stay in this suite will set you back anywhere between £20,000 and £24,000 per night.

Err, we might just go back and look at the photos again instead, thanks.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@beyonce/ The Corinthia Hotel

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