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The New Emoji That Is Guaranteed To Slide Into Your DMs In 2022

The New Emoji That Is Guaranteed To Slide Into Your DMs In 2022

Apple has introduced 123 new emojis!

Apple has introduced 123 new emojis - and there's one that will definitely be sliding into your DMs.

From a new 'biting lip' emoji - which people have described as 'the horniest ever' - to a melting face, a troll and some kidney beans, there's a whole host of new emojis launched as part of the new update to iOS 15.4.

And ever since the emojis were announced, people have had plenty of thoughts on which ones are going to be the most used.

Apple has introduced 123 new emojis (

While social media users are adamant that the biting lip - along with several new hand gestures - will be a go-to for iOS users, many believe one of the new additions, the 'slide' emoji will be used as an ice breaker for sliding into a DM.

One person wrote: "Y’all straight men are about to be massively overutilising that slide emoji in the DMs of women that don’t want you… I just know it."

And another said: "Corny men are gonna use the f**k out of that slide emoji to slide in girls dms."

While a third added: "Men who don’t treat their gf right watch out bc with this emoji i’m about to slide into ur girls dms."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I have a feeling people are going to use the slide emoji for DMs."

And a fifth said: "That slide emoji ready go crazy."

People are also adamant that the 'hands in front of face' emoji will also be used in flirty messages, with one adding: "I better not see none y’all tryna use this to flirt."

People are predicting the slide emoji will be used in DMs (

Alongside the slide emoji, there are a number of other gestures, including 'rightwards hand' and 'leftwards hand' as well as a pair of 'heart hands' that feature in the latest update.

Others include an empty nest and a nest with eggs emoji, as well as a jar, an identity card, a tyre, a disco ball and some bubbles.

In January, we told you how people were obsessed with the biting lip emoji, with many agreeing that it's outrageously horny.

One user wrote: "Wait the biting lip emoji is so horny."

A second tweeted: "That lip-biting emoji and the peeking emoji are gonna be used by SO many horny people."

"I can’t wait to be extremely horny and use that lip biting emoji," joked a third.

In January, we told you how people were obsessed with the biting lip emoji (

The new emojis can be used after completing the update to iOS 15.4 - we can't wait to see which ones become the most popular!

Featured Image Credit: Emojipedia/Pexels

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