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Influencer Amouranth says she earns over £1.5million a month by letting people watch her sleep

Influencer Amouranth says she earns over £1.5million a month by letting people watch her sleep

The Twitch streamer has made a lot of cash catching some shut eye

We've all heard the famous saying 'I could do that in my sleep'.

It turns out that one woman can livestream while catching some shut eye - and she is making a handsome profit by doing so.

Twitch influencer Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, films herself snoozing in bed, while fans watch from their computers.

Creepy? Yes.

A big money maker? Apparently yes.

Amouranth sleeps on Twitch livestreams.

Talking about this unusual income stream, the 29-year-old OnlyFans model told The Iced Coffee Hour podcast: "If you count just on Twitch, probably like a couple thousand dollars.

"But, if you count the conversions, potentially to OnlyFans, while I’m sleeping, then maybe like $10,000 (£7.8k) to $15,000 (£11.8k)."

But don't be fooled - Amouranth is not doing this every night when her head hits the pillow.

When asked why she doesn't stream herself sleeping every night, she said: "Scheduling gets complicated because I might have a photo shoot the next morning or something.

"I feel like if you do it too much, it will become no longer a novelty."

It's not like she needs to be doing this extra work either, as she estimates she already makes an eye watering $2 million (£1.9m) a month.

In addition to her streaming, she also makes money through OnlyFans and by investing in gas stations and real estate.

The influencer estimates she already makes an eye watering $2 million (£1.9m) a month.
YouTube/The Iced Coffee Hour podcast

Explaining why sleep streams are so popular, the 29-year-old said that many viewers take the opportunity to try and wake up the sleeping streamer by donating money.

Donations will set off music or sound effects.

However, many viewers simply tune in to see Amouranth in the land of nod - which is admittedly a weird way to pass your time, I must say.

This isn't the first time that Amouranth has cashed in on some unusual interests, as she previously created an AI version of herself so that fans could 'flirt' with her.

Explaining the concept to Polygon, she said: "I just feel like it’s a good for the online creator space, because loneliness is at a high - especially after COVID. People are kind of isolated now.

"And if this helps people feel less lonely, then I think it’s a really cool feature to start using, because it’s really draining on content creators to be accessible so much.

"We [streamers] have people from all around the world, and if we were going to try to talk to everybody, and [with] everybody’s time zone, it would be impossible.

"We would never sleep. So it’d be very unhealthy for us to be that accessible."

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/@Amouranth/TikTok/@theicedcoffeehour

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