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Mum's urgent warning to parents over ‘sick’ Cocomelon YouTube trick

Mum's urgent warning to parents over ‘sick’ Cocomelon YouTube trick

The mum got quite a fright.

A concerned mum has warned parents to keep an eye on the videos their children watch on YouTube after she and her daughter got quite the scare while watching a Cocomelon video.

Mum Charlie claimed that she and her two-year-old daughter had been watching a clip from the online children's entertainment series on her iPad, when they got a rather unpleasant surprise.

Watch here:

Posting the video on TikTok, she wrote: "Please be careful with what your children are watching. My daughter who is two came across this, good job I watch YT with her!"

In the comment section, she added: "Just want to add, my daughter gets 1 hour a day of iPad time, and it’s monitored by me. She normally watches films on Netflix or Disney plus."

Some TikTok viewers noted that the tampered video hadn't been posted by the official Cocomelon channel, but rather a small account with just 300 subscribers.

To avoid the same thing frightening her daughter again, fellow parents advised that Charlie should use YouTube Kids, rather than regular YouTube, to entertain her child.

The tampered video was posted by an unofficial channel.

CocoMelon's official channel specialises in both traditional nursery rhymes and original songs, and is the second most-viewed YouTube channel, and second most-subscribed YouTube channel, in the world.

"That's why you use the kids YouTube and subscribe to verified accounts," wrote one mum.

"We use YouTube Kids app, can control a lot more what videos are filtered for them to watch", added a second.

Mum Charlie told concerned viewers that she did have YouTube Kids installed on her daughter's tablet, but noted that, on this occasion, she had been using her own personal iPad to entertain her daughter.

While some parents were concerned about the jump-scare video, others could hardly contain themselves.

"This is the best thing I've seen all day," admitted one amused TikToker.

"That made me giggle a lil," commented a second.

And a third penned: "Glad to see YouTubers keeping up jump-scare / screamer content for the next generation."

Fellow parents urged Charlie to get YouTube Kids for her daughter.

Adding on to this, some viewers were reminded of the popular jump-scare videos they were subject to as children, like 'Scary Maze Game', 'Rocking Chair', and 'Relaxing Car Drive'.

"Anyone remember that car in the hills video?" asked one nostalgic TikToker. "Character building at its finest."

Another joked: "You gotta pass down the trauma. We had the rocking chair and they get this. It builds character."

We're thinking YouTube Kids might not be such a bad idea, after all...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@charliemarie99

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