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iPhones have a built-in white noise feature which can help you sleep

iPhones have a built-in white noise feature which can help you sleep

While some spend up to £100 on a white noise machine, your iPhone has it built-in free of charge.

If you struggle with your sleep, whether that is because you sit there at night thinking of all the foolish things you've done during the day or are simply too warm, you have probably tried everything under the sun.

Whether that is meditation tools or the old-fashioned technique of counting sheep, you are probably tearing your hair out with everything you've tried.

Despite all that, nothing seems to work - but this built-in iPhone feature may be something you want to try if you haven't done so already.

And that's the thing, a lot of us will often invest anywhere between £20 to even more than £100 for a white noise machine, but did you know such device is actually built in to your iPhone.

Struggling to fall asleep? You may want to try this iPhone feature.

The Apple devices running on iOS 15 or later all have a white noise feature built-in, as long as you are running with an iPhone 6s or later and your software is all up-to-date.

For those who don't know what white noise is, Dr David Neubauer, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has explained all.

He said: "The key feature of the sound devices is the constant sound in contrast to changing sounds like with music, radio and television.

"Our brains pay attention to changing sound, but a comfortable constant sound can help lull us to sleep."

Obviously depending on where you live and your living conditions, sound may be at a constant anyway.

But for those who have a silent house and quiet neighbours, white noise machines provide that bit of noise that will hopefully help you drift off.

A white noise machine is essentially at the touch of a button for a lot of us.

So how exactly do you enable this on your iPhone? Well, the feature doesn't come under the label 'white noise', but is instead called 'background sounds'.

To enable this feature, you need to head to settings, followed by accessibility, then audio/visual, and then you'll find the background sounds option.

Once that option has been toggled, you'll be greeted with some rather relaxing waterfall and nature sounds to help you fall asleep.

The variety of sounds you can choose from is pretty varied, including sounds of rain, stream, ocean, balanced noise, bright noise and dark noise.

These sounds can also be adjusted in volume to ensure the experience is right for you.

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