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Woman Shares iPhone Hack That Tells You Kids Are Home Safe

Woman Shares iPhone Hack That Tells You Kids Are Home Safe

This is such a good idea.

A woman has shared an iPhone hack that notifies you when your kids are home safe.

TikToker @katamogz took to the video sharing platform to share the idea - and it's genius.

You can watch the amazing trick below:

And people can't believe they never realised the function existed, with one person writing: "Love this!!!!!! Thank you!"

While another said: "This is very helpful, thank you."

Meanwhile a third person joked: "Imagine sneaking out and forgetting to turning it off and you come back home."

Now, you won't need to think about remembering to text your mum once you're home because your iPhone will do it for you!


The woman took to TikTok to share the trick (

In other tech news, people are not impressed with Instagram's latest feature.

Social media users are begging Instagram to 'move back' its voice note button after the platform changed the position of the icon recently.

It's led to people sending accidental voice notes after pressing the button by mistake, with one person even describing it as an 'act of violence'.

"I keep accidentally sending voice notes on instagram…. MOVE IT BACK," begged one user.

People are sending accidental voice notes on Instagram (

While another said: "Why has instagram moved the voice note button right where you would press to start typing a DM? It's fu**ing annoying."

"Did instagram move the microphone button, I've sent like 10 accidental voice notes today," asked another.

While a fourth said: "Instagram keeps adding things to the list of why it annoys me because WHAT IS THAT EXPLORE BUTTON DOING THERE IN THE DMS???? The text box is so tiny now. I keep pressing the voice note button every single time I want to type, IT'S FRUSTRATING."

It seems as though Instagram may have added an extra icon in the text bar, which has shifted the voice note button further along, meaning some users are accidentally pressing it where they would once tap to type.

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