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Secret Cheat Code Allows You To Activate 'Super Alexa'

Secret Cheat Code Allows You To Activate 'Super Alexa'

We're trying this ASAP!

People on TikTok are discovering there's a secret cheat code that can be used to activate 'Super Alexa'.

But what exactly is 'Super Alexa' you ask?

Watch the video to hear the cheat code:

TikTok user Meg, who runs the account @jiggywrigglersfareham, posted the cheat code on their account. After saying the code to Alexa, the Amazon-operated virtual assistant activates its 'Super Mode.'

This is actually mind blowing.

The video has sparked a TikTok trend in which people write down the secret code and read it aloud to their Alexa machines as they film the response.

People in the comments of Meg's video vowed to try it themselves whilst some TikTok users said that their own Alexas were "triggered" after they played the TikTok video out loud.

"My alexa said I got new powerups [sic]," said one Alexa owner.

Alexa has a 'Super Mode' (

A second commenter wrote: "it worked on mine she said woohoo power up".

A third quipped: "I done it and got so scared".

One person gave their Alexa's reaction after it picked up the audio from the TikTok video. "That trigger my Alexa omg she was like: super Alexa mode," they said.

Similarly, one other person said the code "set my alexa off".

According to the New York Post, the secret code is referred to as the Konami Code, a sequence of button description from classic gaming controls.

TikTok users are discovering 'Super Alexa Mode' (

Gamers, especially those who are into old school consoles dating back to the 1980s, may be familiar with the sequence.

The code has been revived in modern tech in the form of an Alexa easter egg.

And Alexa users aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the throwback fun from the hack. The same code can be used to activate a series of responses from Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

After telling Siri the code, one possible response you might get is “nerd” or “I’m getting dizzy”.

Keep in mind that Alexa may not always say ‘Super Mode activated’ because there are a number of pre-programmed responses.

Other responses reported on TikTok includes “woo hoo, power up galore” and “wrong code, try again”.

If you're a Potterhead and in the mood for more Siri hacks, take a look at the secret Harry Potter cheat code here.

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