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A Candle Which Smells Exactly Like Aero Chocolate Is Launching

A Candle Which Smells Exactly Like Aero Chocolate Is Launching

Dream candle scent.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Chocaholics, this one's for you. Aero has just launched a candle that smells exactly like its dreamy boxed chocolates, Aero Bliss.

The candle, named 'Chocolate Bliss' promises to smell like "velvety, bubbly perfection" - and, tbh, we're not sure what that means... but it sounds delightful.

It's being made in partnership with candle brand Lily-Flame, and will be available on the candle brand's website from 5th November for a very reasonable £8.95.

The best thing is, for every purchase you receive a free box of Aero Bliss chocolates to enjoy too.

Eating chocolates while sitting in a chocolate infused room? Now *that* is a dreamy setup.

This one's for all the Aero fans (
Lily-Flame/ Aero)

This isn't the first time Lily-Flame has created a chocolate scented candle. In fact, the brand's Chocolate Truffle candle has amassed a bit of a cult following...

With base notes of vanilla, middle notes of milk accord and milk chocolate and top notes of milk chocolate and cocoa beans, the candle smells as rich and indulgent as it does sweet.

And it's also on sale for £8.95 online.

Hey, maybe we'll just stock up on chocolate candles galore so our home smells like Willy Wonka's factory?!

Lily-Flame already sell a dreamy Chocolate Truffle candle, too (

If sweets are more your thing Lily-Flame also have a Parma Violets candle on sale for the same price.

With scents of vanilla and rose this candle will take you right back to your childhood. It's nostalgia in a tin.

Plus, there's a Candy Floss scented candle, named 'Sugar Rush' for all the serious sweet-tooths out there.

There are tonnes of sweet, tasty flavours to enjoy (

"Blending an amber base, floral body and powdery top notes. Heady, sweet and sensual, it'll fill your room with pure, heavenly loveliness," the candle company tease.

Typically, the brand promises its candles have between 30-35 hours of burnout time, meaning that an hour's delicious whiff of scent will set you back just under 30p.

Bargain! Mark your calendars for November 5th, we're stocking up on the Chocolate Bliss *immediately*.

Featured Image Credit: Lily-Flame/ Aero

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