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'The Grinch' Baubles Will Steal The Limelight This Christmas

'The Grinch' Baubles Will Steal The Limelight This Christmas

The sparkly decorations are even perfect for those who hate Christmas.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Sparkly The Grinch-inspired baubles are the only thing we are hanging on our Christmas trees this year.

These Christmas baubles are bound to warm the cockles of even the grumpiest of Grinch's heart this festive season with their novelty design.

The baubles feature a mischievous Grinch face topped with fluffy green hair and a red Santa Claus hat ready to steal presents from under the tree.


There's no risk of them breaking if they're knocked off the tree by any naughty kittens either, as they are made from shatterproof acrylic.

They are handmade by Etsy seller Perfect Little Gift Company, and come with a cheap as chips £6.95 price tag.

"This beautiful "Grinch" bauble will make the perfect addition to your Christmas tree this year," reads the product description. "You will receive a high quality 8cm shatterproof acrylic bauble which is hand glittered green on the inside, topped with a Christmas hat."

It adds: "The bauble is topped with a colour matching bow and ribbon and will be housed in a white windowed gift box when received.

"Each bauble is decorated by myself individually by hand, in my craft room surrounded by love and glitter!"

You can purchase one of the unique Grinch baubles here.

If you want to go all out with novelty Christmas decorations this December, then McDonald's has just launched a range of festive fast food designs that pay homage to our beloved chicken nuggets.

Seeing as decorating our trees with real nuggs isn't very practical (or hygienic), McDonald's created a giant nugget decoration complete with a red Santa hat.

Take your love for McNuggets one step further with these decorations.

The golden nugget is made extra fancy with the addition of some sparkly glitter, and you can up the game with matching string fairy lights.

The latter decoration is a string of McNuggets, and each light is emblazoned with a golden arch.

The fairylights will light up your world.

McDonald's decorations aren't available to purchase, although you can enter the competition to win your own here.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures/Instagram/PerfectLittleGiftCompany

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