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People Are Making Water Features Out Of Their Old Booze Bottles

Joanna Freedman

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People Are Making Water Features Out Of Their Old Booze Bottles

Featured Image Credit: Noleen/ Tammy Wildblood

Now that summer is here, it's the perfect time to get your garden in tip top shape.

So, why not construct your very own boozy fountain in the garden to celebrate your favourite tipple?

Let us explain: we're not talking about a literal fountain spewing vodka (although that sounds great, too), we're talking about a nifty way to use up your old bottles and turn them into an outdoor focal piece.

The idea has been popping up on DIY groups across social media recently, with a whole bunch of savvy gardeners getting in on the hype.

One such person is Tammy Wildblood, who built her own Jack Daniels fountain from scratch, with the help of her partner.

The Jack Daniels water fountain looked so impressive (Credit: Tammy Wildblood)
The Jack Daniels water fountain looked so impressive (Credit: Tammy Wildblood)

She told Tyla: "Our inspiration came from homemade solar fountains which people were making but we have just made a pallet bar so wanted it to fit in with our theme and think this fits perfectly....plus my husband loves a tipple of whiskey now and again!"

The whole project cost Tammy less than £40, and while it might sound complicated, she's provided a step-by-step here so you can make your own, too:

You'll need:

-A Barrel pot

-A Solar pump

-Your favourite booze bottles (2 or more)

-A Hose Pipe

-A Glass

-Decorative Stones



-Wood Stain

-A Wine holder

Here's the barrel, ready to go (Credit: Tammy Wildblood)
Here's the barrel, ready to go (Credit: Tammy Wildblood)

How to make:

First, Tammy cut two pieces of wood the width of the barrel and screwed them together in a cross shape, so it could be wedged inside.

She recommends covering this wood, and the barel, with a waterproof wood stain to ensure it is suitable for outdoors.

Then, she attached the mesh to the wood before drilling a hole in the wood for the pump to stick through. She also drilled a hole in the bottle for the pump to go through.

To get her desired Jack Daniels coloured water, Tammy next mixed brown food colouring and water in jug until it looked like whiskey, and filled the barrel up, alongside the two empty bottles, for decoration.

(Of course, if JD isn't your tipple of choice, this can be changed to look like pink Pornstar Martini or even Echo Falls rosé - the world is your oyster!)

Next, Tammy added a piece of hose pipe onto the tube at the end of the solar pump - putting it through the drilled hole of the bottle and sealing round the edge with sealant.

The pump was then put in the water and she fed the tube through the drilled hole in the wood - now wedged into the top of the barrel.

Thanks to her nifty chainmail wine bottle holder, the bottle was then elevated and looked like it was pouring water.

All that came next was decoration, adding the decorative stones, and gluing the additional bottles where she wanted them - ensuring the glass was in the position where the water was falling.

And voila! Tammy had made her very own JD water feature...


If you want to try and make one of these fountains yourself, then we've found some of the bits for you online.

You can grab the chain wine bottle holder here, a barrel pot here, alongside some wire mesh, a solar pump, hose pipe, stones, wood stain paint and sealant.

After sharing the water feature online, Tammy said she was surprised by the huge reaction.

And she's far from the only one knocking up an alcohol fountain in her garden.

Grey Goose fanatic Noleen also got on the hype, using four bottles of the premium vodka to make a similar alcohol feature.

"I've always wanted a water feature and because we have an outside bar we had plenty of bottles to use so I thought it would be a good idea to go for a bar kind of theme instead of your average garden fountain," she told Tyla.

Someone made a Grey Goose one, too (Credit: Facebook/ Noleen)
Someone made a Grey Goose one, too (Credit: Facebook/ Noleen)

Also made with a solar pump, Noleen's fountain used four Grey Goose bottles and a big stone filled plant pot, propping one bottle on top of a tree trunk for extra height.

Meanwhile, keen Jack Daniels drinker Steve also made a fountain out of whiskey bottles, cleverly placing four on a wall so that they trickled to create a zig-zag waterfall.

This JD water feature took two days to make (Credit: SWNS)
This JD water feature took two days to make (Credit: SWNS)

"The fountain took a weekend to put together and has attracted so much attention on social media," he said.

Instead of food colouring he mixed his water with soy sauce to create the same brown colour.

How clever! Brb, we're off to make one of these, stat!

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Joanna Freedman
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