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​Mum Transforms Tired Carpet With Incredible £5 Dye

​Mum Transforms Tired Carpet With Incredible £5 Dye

This mum decided to try dyeing her carpet before she splashed the cash for a brand new one.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A woman who didn't want to splash out on a brand new carpet has now dyed her old one, transforming it with £5 dye and it has had miraculous results.

Bridie Hodgson's old stair carpet was "on its last legs" and knowing how expensive it would be to replace it, she decided to improve it with a bit of DIY.

Although she knew the risks involved, she wasn't too worried if it ruined her carpet as it was a last resort and otherwise would have had to replace it regardless.

The mum of three from Roker, Sunderland, used Dylon colour fabric dye in a smoke grey hue and mixed it with 700ml of warm water.

The 37-year-old advised to those trying it on the DIY on a budget official Facebook group to spray it, rub it in with your fingers and do so with gloves on.

The before and after pictures of Bridie's carpet (

She added: "I'm aware of the risks and as the carpet is truly ruined this is a last resort for us. Will post tomorrow with more pictures and the outcome and I will only tell you all the truth".

And the truth was, her and her husband, Rory Hodgson, 33, loved the results!

They posted again in the group a week later commenting: " Well it's been a week and it's worked.

"It's had plenty of time to dry and we also do the white sock challenge. We where going to use our carpet cleaner but found we haven't need to." [sic]

Bridie's husband Rory got to work on transforming the carpet (

If it stands up to the white sock test it sounds good enough to us!

Plus the whole thing only cost her £20. The Dylon was £5 a tub from Amazon and four tubs managed to cover her 30 steps and two landings.

She told Tyla: "We thought we would give this a go see if we could save some money and it worked.

"We love the results and it would be nice to share to other families who can't afford a carpet".

And she's not the only one in the Facebook group to trial dyeing her carpet.

The Hodgsons are very pleased with the results (

Mum of three Abbie Oberheim also tried it out on her carpet recently.

The 24-year-old from Bexhill, East Sussex, posted the results of hers online too.

Her and her partner Liam Green, 27, gave their stair carpet a similar makeover, except they used dye from Wilko's own range - also costing £5 a tin.

The results were equally as impressive.

Abbie transformed her staircase with £5 bottles of carpet dye from Wilko (
Abbie Oberheim)

But it's not a fool-proof method. According to this blogger, who asked a carpet cleaner friend for tips on how to dye a carpet successfully, you need to make sure you only dye within the same colour family and always go darker.

So red on pink would be ok and dark grey on lighter grey, but not black on pink (or pink on black for that matter), apparently. Handy to know.

Of course, you cannot guarantee it's ever going to work out well and people did take to some of the posts in the Facebook group to issue warnings.

Abbie and partner Liam are pleased with their carpet, but others haven't had as much luck (
Abbie Oberheim/Facebook)

One said: "I did this and after a few days it just looked patchy all over and carpet looked a lot worse! Hope it works well for you though".

Another added: "Others have done this in the past on here and it hasn't worked out to great, goes patchy and looses colours where ppl walk and ended up having to buy new". [sic]

So although it's worked for our ladies, still beware if you cannot afford to replace a mishap.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/HinchingHodgsons

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