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ASOS Considering 'Alibi' Option So You Can Hide Your Spending Sprees

ASOS Considering 'Alibi' Option So You Can Hide Your Spending Sprees

The online fashion retailer asked shoppers if they wanted their purchases to be disguised as 'prizes'.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Ever feel like you're constantly receiving shopping deliveries? Ever run and grab your parcel from the doorway for fear of a disapproving look from bae?

Well, ASOS is said to be "considering" setting up an "alibi" option at checkout, so shopaholics hide their spending sprees from their loved ones.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the online fashion retailer asked customers if their website "needed" an option to allow shoppers to label their purchases as "prizes".

This is so sneaky and it's also absolutely genius in equal measure.

ASOS addicts, take note (
Instagram/ ASOS)

ASOS suggested a message of "congratulations on winning this item" being put on customers' clothing packages, so that they could easily be sneaked past disapproving loved ones.

It came after one customer tweeted a screenshot of another retailer giving its customers the option when paying for items online.

The Twitter user, @bidders88, wrote: "Please tell me you are considering this" alongside a fingers crossed emoji.

The screenshot shows a cart with £453.94 worth of goods in it underneath a tick box option for "Do you need an alibi in your package, in the form of 'Congratulations on winning this item?'

Sharing the image on social media to its six million followers, ASOS wrote: "Do we need this?"

ASOS asked fans if they need the alibi option (

Immediately, the post was inundated with over 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments from shoppers urging them to add the option on their sites.

One person wrote: "Everyone needs this!," while another said: "This would be very helpful to me. Won't need to [hide] parcels in the car."

A third shopaholic wrote: "I've never seen a shopping tick box more dedicated to me!"

As a fourth penned: "Yes, yes, definitely yes."

Shopaholics could soon be able to go undetected (

As great as the idea is, we can't help thinking our clever roomies would see past the 'prize' rouse after the third parcel arrived.

And we aren't the only ones to point this out.

"It would only raise suspicion when I win something 72 times a week," a fellow ASOS addict joked.

While another concurred: "I would go from never winning anything in my life to prizes at least five days a week."

Last month ASOS reported a quadrupling in full-year profit following a spike in online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

The fashion giant reported profit before tax of £142.1m for the year to 31 August, up from £33.1m the year before.

Featured Image Credit: ASOS

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