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Woman Stuck In Zara Jumpsuit Returns To Store As Employee Helps Her Remove It

Woman Stuck In Zara Jumpsuit Returns To Store As Employee Helps Her Remove It

An absolute legend.

We love spending our hard-earned cash with a good, old-fashion Zara haul, and the high-street retailer has some real finds in store at the moment.

However, one woman got more than she bargained for when she tried on a a jumpsuit from the Spanish-based store – and ended up stuck in it.

You can watch the hilarious video below.

Sharing the story on TikTok, user Isabel Roberts explained her mother had tried on a loud blue and turquoise coloured, paisley print jumpsuit at home – and founder herself trapped inside her outfit due to a faulty zip.

Unable to free herself, Isabel’s mum decided to drive to Zara – still stuck in her jumpsuit - in order to get a shop assistant to unzip her.

And when she finally finds a helping hand, Isabel’s mum’s face of relief when she feels the zip come undone is a feeling we can all identify with.

Isabel's mum found herself stuck (
TikTok - isabelrobins)

The video ends with her mum queueing up in the refunds and exchanges section to take back the £59.99 outfit – and we don’t blame her for not wanting to keep the outfit, tbh.

Naturally, the good people of TikTok loved the hilarious behaviour of Isabel’s mum, and were keen to praise her in the comments.

“What an iconic lady,” said one person, laughing, while a second added: “I’m dead!”

An emergency trip to Zara was necessary (
TikTok - isabelrobins)

“It’s such a shame because it looks awesome on her!” a third said, and a fourth chipped in: “Zara’s zips are terrible.”

Isabel herself found the whole experience side-splitting, writing: “Honestly, nearly wet myself.”

Zara found itself in the news last year after fans were left baffled by its somewhat odd campaign shots, photographed while we were in lockdown.

We feel her relief (
TikTok - isabelrobins)

One shot sees a model in strappy green kitten heels inexplicably crouching on a stove top, ducking her head so as not to hit the extractor fan.

Another shows a woman kitted out in an orange trouser suit, levitating like a Marvel character next to a bookshelf.

Oh Zara, never change.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - isabelrobins

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