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Zara Leaves Shoppers Baffled With Bizarre Campaign Shots

Zara Leaves Shoppers Baffled With Bizarre Campaign Shots

The floor is lava - but make it fashun.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Shoppers have been left baffled by a series of campaign shots released by high street fashion giants ZARA.

The images, which showcase ZARA's Spring-Summer '20 garments, feature models in some rather, er, unexpected poses, captured in a swish apartment.

One shot sees a model in strappy green kitten heels inexplicably crouching on a stove top, ducking her head so as not to hit the extractor fan.

Twitter users were confused as to why the model was crouching on a hob (
Twitter / @CourtsChorus)

Another shows a woman kitted out in an orange trouser suit, levitating like a Marvel character next to a book shelf.

While a third depicts a model slumped forward on a sofa in what seems to be a version of yogi position Child's Pose.

Twitter is, rightly, confused - and wants answers.

While many praised the brand's clothing, the campaign imagery raised some big questions.

Another shot showed a model levitating like a Marvel character (
Twitter / @Iqratheartist1)

Twitter user @CourtsChorus kicked off the debate with a simple query that now has over a 100K likes and 16K retweets.

"What is zara playing at, why is sis standing on the stove?" she asked, sharing the now-infamous stovetop snap.

We have to admit, @CourtsChorus has a point. Did Derek Zoolander direct this shoot? Was the brief 'the floor is lava - but make it fashun'?

Either way, the Internet has lost its mind.

"Zara has the weirdesttt clothes website. Like why is sis moving like spider man," wrote a bemused shopper, commenting on the superhero-like bookshelf snap.

"Changing the mannequins would've been hard work," chimed in one, in reference to the yogi sofa shot.

"Zara has so much potential but honestly what is this, did they really need a stove to show off a pair of heels," despaired a fourth.

Others even replicated the campaign at home, doing their own hilarious DIY stovetop shoots.

"My @borussia_en shirt finally arrived so i thought i would treat it to a @Zara stove style photoshoot," joked a would-be model.

While another shopper quipped: "In Zara HQ. Advertising Exec: OK we need some fresh ideas for our next ad campaign... anyone? Intern: Hear me out... The floor is lava."

Brb, just getting a quick snap of ourselves on the hob before our socially distanced walk.

Featured Image Credit: Zara

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