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Woman hits back at people who claim her bikini is 'inappropriate' for beach

Woman hits back at people who claim her bikini is 'inappropriate' for beach

This woman isn't stopping her performances for anybody

A woman has hit back at the trolls in her comments who complained that her bikini was 'inappropriate' after she posted a video of herself playing and dancing on the beach.

Mariah Grottoli has made a name for herself on TikTok for the dramatic dance and lip-sync performances she puts on in her home, in the sea, at the club - anywhere she feels like it, really.

But when one video of her dancing on the beach made her a target for trolls, Mariah decided to hit back. Watch here:

In the original video, which boasts an impressive 10.5 million views, Mariah had been cartwheeling, rolling, and splashing around in her bikini to the tune of Celine Dion's 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now', looking like she was having the time of her life.

Although most viewers were big fans of her aquatic performance, it wasn't long before trolls soon appeared in the comment section and started calling for Mariah to stop wearing bikinis.

One comment had read: "Please wear a full bathing suit next time or don't post."

Refusing to give in to the rude messages, Mariah decided to make a follow-up video in response.

Mariah decided to hit back at the trolls in her comment section.

Putting the hurtful comment on display for the rest of her followers to see, Mariah sarcastically replied: "You know what? I think you're absolutely right and I most definitely will not be wearing that bathing suit to the beach again. Totally inappropriate!"

As she said it, Mariah took a step back to reveal that she had instead opted for a slightly more revealing bikini than before - this time with a peekaboo cutout top.

After the tongue-in-cheek comeback, Mariah's followers confessed that they loved her even more than before, and assured her that she looked perfect just as she was.

"Girl, this is one of the modest and most stunning bathing suits I've seen on TikTok. What is she talking about?" asked one viewer.

Mariah's followers loved her even more after her sarcastic comeback.

"You are rocking that suit ! And any other suit you choose to wear!" claimed a second.

"Wear whatever you want. If someone doesn't like it let them take a walk", suggested a third.

Since then, Mariah has gotten back to dancing up a storm on the beach, earning hundreds of thousands of views for her high-drama performances.

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Featured Image Credit: @mariahgrottoli/TikTok

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