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Woman Told She's Devalued Her House By $30,000 With Simple Décor Error

Woman Told She's Devalued Her House By $30,000 With Simple Décor Error

People were divided, with many loving the unique style.

A woman has revealed how her estate agent told her she had devalued her house by $30,000 (£23,868).

Sharnene, who goes by @sharnenejewell on TikTok, explained how one feature in her home had brought the value of her property down dramatically.

You can see what it is in a video below:

"When the estate agent tells me how much I've devalued my house," Sharnene wrote on the clip.

Other people had a lot of opinions, however, with one person commenting: "I like moss but it does low-key give off mold vibes."

"Well if it speaks to your skills as an artist you had me fooled that you were genuinely growing mold as a friend," added another.

A third said: "So happy that is just paint, I was panicking for you."

Some disagreed that the decor should devalue the property (

Others were divided, with some disagreeing that the decor should devalue the property.

"I hate the 'devalued' thing, decor is so subjective, I’d pay full for a house like that cuz I love forests n moss n green," one wrote.

Another said: "It’s totally subjective. And from what I’ve seen of your work it’s possible to undo it and restore the bland."

A third advised: "If u want to sell the home, paint & decorate it to appease others, if u don't want to sell, appease urself."

"Definitely an acquired taste, but that’s what makes us individuals. You do you," said a fourth.

Others asked why the woman had opted for the unique look, but Sharnene simply explained she likes the unusual style.

"I guess it’s because I know it’s not dangerous and I just really like the look," she said.

We love the individual taste!

Many praised Sharnene for the unique look (

In other home news, Martin Lewis has recently issued a warning to Brits with a mortgage. 

The founder of Money Saving Expert shared a tweet explaining how the Bank of England has increased interest rates from 0.75 percent to 1 percent, which is the highest it’s been in 13 years. 

Following the interest rate rise, Lewis has warned UK residents about the information to take home regarding their mortgages.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sharnenejewell

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