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Woman transformed home into all-black house because colour 'stresses her out'

Woman transformed home into all-black house because colour 'stresses her out'

The US artist totally revamped the inside and outside of this 1850s house

There’s always that random house that sticks out while we’re on a stroll with our dog or driving through a different town. Perhaps it’s because the garden is filled with a family of gnomes or there’s flowers crawling all over the front.

But this woman’s old home sticks out because it looks so incredible in all-black.

And the reason for the dramatic style? Because colour ‘stresses her out’.

When artist Vee Miller and her husband Derek bought an 1850s house in Baltimore, US, they decided to completely revamp it with a jet-black makeover.

"I'm literally obsessed with the colour black. Like, I couldn't live life without it," said Vee, explaining the thought process behind her creation.

There's no missing this house.

"Colour stresses me out. Every colour has a different mood and feel. I literally wear all black.

"I have two tops that have crazy colours but they very rarely come out. I just love the darkness and moodiness of [black]. I think it's very elegant, even sexy to some. And then there's people who quite disagree."

Talking through the sleek interior of the home, Vee said: "In our upper level, where the two bedrooms are, and a bathroom - that's about 80 percent black.

"Both bathrooms are all black. And then our bedroom is literally all black. The walls, the bedding, like, everything is solid black, and the kitchen's all black.”

While she has racked up more than 15,000 followers on Instagram (@herblackhome), Vee's home content has earned her over 100,000 TikTok followers.

Vee styled the whole home black.

As well as video walk-throughs of the house, Vee also shared clips taken from her front-door CCTV camera, recording what passers-by have to say about it.

While many marvel at the spectacle that was Vee's house, she has caught some pretty negative comments from the public too, including one person who compared it to 'the devil's house'.

"I just don't know why people take the colour black and automatically assume that it's this negative energy," said Vee.

"When I do get comments like 'this is too much black', I just try to ignore it and move on because you can't please everybody."

Thankfully, Vee had 'very supportive neighbours' who love the addition of the gothic home to their street.

Vee has named her new home 'Poppy'.

"I was a little concerned for the homeowners, in terms of, like, them thinking that this was going to hurt the value of their home," she began.

"But, no, everybody loves this house so much, to the point where we have a community Facebook page and it's the talk of the neighbourhood."

After six years, the couple left their black Baltimore pad in February, thanking the city for ‘some amazing memories’.

While their new home isn’t (yet) all-black on the outside, the interiors are, of course.

And there’ll be a new addition to the house next year as Vee and Derek recently announced they’re expecting a baby together. Wonder what colour the nursery will be…

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@herblackhome

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