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Woman shows how she transforms size 8 jeans into a size 12 in just ten minutes

Woman shows how she transforms size 8 jeans into a size 12 in just ten minutes

Her genius method makes the jeans two sizes bigger in just ten minutes

A TikTok user has shown how to make a pair of size 8 jeans fit like size 12 in minutes with a savvy shower hack.

Watch the video here:

TikTok user @its_abby_abigail showed herself to fitting into the tight jeans before standing in the bathtub and drenching herself with the showerhead. Once wet, she smiled at the camera as she squatted in the now soaking wet jeans and showed how they now fitted her better.

The end of the clip shows a smiling Abigail as she shows the room she has in the once too-tight jeans.

After Abigail posted the savvy hack to TikTok, users have gone wild for the wardrobe styling trick.

One TikTok user commented: "It works!!!!! I did it!!!!"

Another added: "oh wow I really want to try this now. I have a few jeans that fit me a bit too tight. I wasn't sure what to do with them until now. thank you!"

The TikTok hack showed how to make jeans bigger by getting them wet.

"Omg I have jeans that are too small but I can’t return them I’ll have to try this," commented a third.

However some TikTok comments were more concerned about how uncomfortable it could be to wear the jeans when wet. One user commented: "This is smart but omg the discomfort. Sensory nightmare."

"Would send me into sensory overload hahah," joked another.

Elsewhere on TikTok, a beauty influencer has shared a clever hack for getting a beautiful bouncy blowdry without ever needing to go near a curling iron.

Turns out you don't need a Dyson hair wrap for perfectly curled locks, just a pill bottle and a little bit of time.

The hack made the jeans feel two sizes bigger.

The pill bottle can be used just like a roller, and once the hair is wrapped around and secured with clips it can give the same effect as a curling iron without ever using heat at all.

Influencer Jillian Kreski discovered the hack when she forgot to take her rollers on vacation: "I used whatever pill bottles my friends had in the bathroom and pinned them with claw clips."

It didn't take long for the curls to take either, with the content creator adding: "I sat with them in for around 10 minutes and they came out with a nice curl ⁠– just like with my rollers.

"You could do it with any roller-shaped object ⁠– a banana, a water bottle, whatever you've got to hand.

"As long as you have clips or something to hold it in place, you can use anything."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/its_abby_abigail

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