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Woman shares hack to create bouncy hair without a curling iron

Woman shares hack to create bouncy hair without a curling iron

It doesn't involve any fancy bits of kit either

One influencer has come up with possibly the most incredible hair hack we've ever seen.

Curling tongs aren't exactly easy to use, in fact, we've burned ourselves more times than we can count trying to get the perfect waves.

So, when influencer Jillian Kreski, 25, discovered a genius hack to help us have great hair without the heat we were incredibly excited. Seriously, the curls look incredible, check them out here:


Turns out you don't need a Dyson hair wrap for perfectly curled locks, just a pill bottle and a little bit of time.

Yep, you heard that right a pill bottle, any old one will do, just think of it like using a roller.

So, you take the bottle, Jillian used Pepto Bismol, and you curl it around your hair, securing it with clips.

And lo and behold, the no heat method gives the same effect as rollers, with Jillian sharing the results with her fans.

Who knew your hair could look that good with pill bottles?

Speaking about the household hack, the content creator from Manhattan, New York: "I usually style my hair with rollers because that's how I like it, but I couldn't bring them."

Jillian discovered the hack when she forgot to take her rollers on vacation: "I used whatever pill bottles my friends had in the bathroom and pinned them with claw clips."

It didn't take long for the curls to take either, with the content creator adding: "I sat with them in for around 10 minutes and they came out with a nice curl ⁠— just like with my rollers.

"You could do it with any roller-shaped object ⁠— a banana, a water bottle, whatever you've got to hand.

"As long as you have clips or something to hold it in place, you can use anything."

It also saves your hair from the heat.

And the curls look incredible, with TikTok users just as surprised as us by the results: "This is genius."

A second said that they'd attempt the look themselves ⁠— if the mini bar wasn't so expensive: "I would use the soda cans from the mini bar if they didn't cost like $10 the second I touch them."

One confirmed that the trick really works: "I left my rollers in my college house when I moved out and have been doing this since may bc I can’t bring myself to spend $13 on a new set LMAO."

Another thanked the content creator for the helpful reminder: "You’ve just reminded me to pack my rollers."

And to be fair, we'd give the trick a go, if we could actually use rollers in the first place.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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