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Woman accuses clothes shop of charging more for size 18 shorts than identical pair in size 6

Woman accuses clothes shop of charging more for size 18 shorts than identical pair in size 6

TikTok has been left divided over the price difference

Shopping for clothes can be a nightmare. After all, a size medium in one store is not a size medium in another store.

Sometimes, two mediums from the same brand aren't even the same — I'm looking at you Zara...

Now, an Aussie department store is being accused of charging shoppers more for buying their pieces in a larger size.

In a viral TikTok video, Montana Vincent flips through a rail of Kmart's 'Pocket Shorts,' showing that the bigger sizes were $2 (£1) more expensive.

The shorts cost $15 (£7.90) in sizes six and eight. Meanwhile, sizes 10 to 18 were priced at $17 (£8.90).

“Since when did Kmart change pricing on size 10 and above?” she asked.

The video, which has been viewed more than 650,000 times, has sparked widespread debate among users of the social media platform.

One person commented: "It’s so wrong, I don’t even shop there anymore."

Another user added: "No!!!!! Way!!!!!"

And a third person said: "That's so not right."

Monica noticed that there was a $2 difference between smaller and larger sizes in the same pair of shorts.

The vast majority appeared to be in favour of the price difference, however, suggesting the retailer had a 'more fabric, more money' strategy.

"Maybe because it takes more material," one user wrote, while another posed the question: "If you go to Maccas and order a large milkshake do you expect to pay the same price as a medium?"

But, it all turns out to be a big misunderstanding, as Kmart employees have confirmed.

While the shorts were originally priced at $17, as shown on the larger sizes' tickets, Kmart decided to reduce the price to $15. Some price tags simply don't reflect the change yet.

The shorts are priced at $15 dollars in all sizes online and staff have confirmed that the shorts — even if they’re ticketed as $17 — will scan as $15 at the register in-store.

In other shopping news, Primark shoppers were been left divided after the clothing store made a huge change to its sizing.

TikTok user, @ayelashayla recently shared a video showing off various items from around the shop, captioned: “POV: going to Primark for the first time in forever and picking up a bunch of size small clothes... Only to realise their small is actually a size medium.”

Previously, Primark’s small was the equivalent of a size 6-8, while medium was 10-12.

However, it looks like now it’s all changed, meaning that a size 6-8 is now an extra small, while a small is a size 10-12, and so on.

The change got a rather mixed reaction, with some joking it makes them feel ‘skinny’, while others were left confused.

“Blew me away. I feel so SKINNY at Primark now," one user wrote.

But, another commented: “Primark sizing is so odd!! some things are so different and fit so differently.”

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@monicavincent

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