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People are only just finding out XXL and 2XL aren’t the same size

People are only just finding out XXL and 2XL aren’t the same size

If shopping for clothes has ever left you feeling confused about your size, you need to watch this!

If shopping for your size has ever left you feeling seriously confused, you’re not alone. Watch the video below:

Many of us have felt the frustration of trying on a garment from one shop and it's a perfect fit, but in another shop it’s too tight or too big.

While shoppers have assumed this may simply be due to the shop’s bad sizing - which is sometimes the case - it could also be due to you wearing a totally different size without realising.

This innocent shopping faux pas was pointed out by a TikToker who modelled the same t-shirt in two different sizes.

Makayla compared two sizes.

Makayla - who posts as @amkaylasmith - took to the social media app to explain hat there’s a difference between clothes labelled as being 2XL and XXL and 3XL and XXXL.

“Did you know that XXL and 2XL are different?” The plus size fashion and lifestyle TikToker captioned the post. “I remind people of this often because it can be so confusing! Just like how 1X is not the same as XL!”

You’d be forgiven for thinking a 2XL and XXL label mean the same thing, but there's a subtle difference.

Usually, plus-size clothes that carry the XXL label are cut the same way as regular sizes, only bigger.

As clothes sizes increase, this often means the length of the clothes, the size of the sleeves and other dimensions will be too large.

This is because the whole garment increases in size, meaning the length of the top and size of the arms may not be a perfect fit.

XXL and 2XL fit differently.

On the other hand, clothes that are labelled 2XL for instance, are cut specifically with plus-size bodies in mind.

This means the pattern has been altered instead of just making the entire garment larger.

You can see the subtle difference in Makayla’s video, for which she wears a t-shirt in the sizes XXL and 2XL.


An amazed viewer replied: “WHAT???? I had no idea!!”

While an astounded commenter shared: “Wow I never even knew this! I always thought they were the same! I find sizes so confusing.”

One woman penned: “Yes! My husband was so confused when I had to return the xxl Nike shorts for a 2xl he swore they're the same.”

Someone else called Makayla’s video an “eye opener”.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@amakaylasmith

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