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Primark issues response to backlash over matching £6 mother and daughter dresses

Primark issues response to backlash over matching £6 mother and daughter dresses

The retail company has released a statement following the outrage

Primark has issued a response to an avalanche of backlash online over its new matching £6 mother and daughter dresses.

The retail company has come under fire for the latest addition to their springtime line which left many parents absolutely fuming.

Primark, Primarni, Primarnia - whatever you call it - has since addressed the issues surrounding the new range.

The backlash first started when Primark uploaded a video to TikTok promoting the matching outfits, which you can watch below:

The short clip showed two mannequins - presumably a mother and a daughter - sporting dresses made out of the same identical pattern.

Complete with pink and green flowers on a white background, the outfits do actually look quite sweet.

The overlay text on the video read: "Time to twin with your little one," with a caption echoing: "Who is ready to twin with their little ones this weekend?"

Really hammering the point, Primark added in the hashtag 'SpringTwinning'.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but spring is coming," the voiceover announces.

The six-second video went on to rack up a staggering 491.3k views with hundreds of comments from people eager to share a piece of their mind.

People were far from happy about the matching dresses.

One annoyed shopper wrote: "Some mums have boys, believe it or not. Are we just no allowed to matchy match."

Another said: "Mum of boys would love it if Primark did a collection where you could match with your little men in your life."

Nipping the criticism in the bud - pardon the pun - Primark has since spoken out to defend the range.

The company reminded shoppers that it has sold matching clothes 'for the entire family' in the past and this isn't an exclusive novelty reserved just for mothers and daughters.

A Primark spokesperson explained to Tyla: "We regularly have matching ranges for the entire family, including our famous Christmas fam jams and our Amalfi lemon range last summer."

The Christmas-themed pyjama sets allow for 'the whole family [to get] in the Christmas spirit'.

The product's description reads: "We’ve got plenty of fun festive nightwear to choose from so you can kit out everyone from your newest arrivals to your furry family members."

"We regularly have matching ranges for the entire family."

From a traditional tartan to a gingerbread get-up - it's clear that Primark had something in mind for every member of the family over the holidays.

And it doesn't stop there, as the 'Lemon Love Affair' line also encouraged 'the whole family [to] sport [last] season’s must-have lemon print'.

The collection of 'vibrant twinning pieces' was advertised as 'the easiest way for the whole family to get their fashion five-a-day'.

So, there you have it, Primark doesn't just make matching outfits for mums and daughters but for the entire family unit.

Primark told Tyla: "Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming summer family collection, due in stores in a couple of months!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@primark/TikTok/@primark

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