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Charlotte Tilbury's magical new perfumes look and smell like something out of a Disney movie

Charlotte Tilbury's magical new perfumes look and smell like something out of a Disney movie

Backed by neuroscience and four decades of research, the six different fragrances are set to fly off shelves

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Everyone knows that certain scents can conjure powerful memories, but did you know perfumes can actually alter your mood as well?

That's the idea behind Charlotte Tilbury's latest launch, a range of six beautifully-bottled perfumes that are designed to evoke different emotions.

The scents tap into feelings such as joy, calmness and falling in love, and are each packed with 'emotion-boosting molecules' backed up by science.

They don't just smell great but they look amazing too — in the colourful bottles wouldn't look out of place in a Disney princess's boudoir.

The six new fragrances are designed to suit your emotions and your mood.
Charlotte Tilbury

So what are the different scents?

The new fragrance collection launches today (May 2) and includes Love Frequency (bottling love); Magic Energy (evoking a sense of calm); Calm Bliss (serenity); Cosmic Power (empowerment), Joyphoria (Happiness) and More Sex (come on, do we really need to explain that one?!)

The stunning bejewelled bottles aren't just designed to look pretty either; they're also made with colour theory in mind.

Studies suggest the scent can last for up to an impressive hours 18 hours, meaning there's no need for that mid-afternoon top-up spritz.

How much do the perfumes cost?

The six new fragrances are available now via Charlotte Tilbury's website and in stores. They start at £20 for a 10ml travel spray or £130 for a larger 100ml bottle.

Can't decide which one to pick? Fans can also snap up a 'discovery set' featuring a mini version of each of the six fragrances for £25.

The scent of the new fragrances lasts for up to 18 hours.
Charlotte Tilbury

Speaking about the new launch, Charlotte said: "As part of my daily ritual, I have been reaching into my bag of fragrances, and picking whichever fragrances that I gravitate towards.

"You can mix, play and layer perfumes to suit your mood and the frequency you want to attract into your life — it’s like setting your intention for the day."

The new collection takes notes from history as Charlotte has reportedly been on a mission to "capture fragrances that evoke memories and unlock emotions".

She drew inspiration from the likes of Cleopatra, who reportedly doused herself in essential oils and rose petals so that her lover Mark Anthony would smell her before he saw her.

The fragrances combine neuroscience, colour theory and scent.
Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte also recently released the Pillow Talk Big Lip Plumpgasm, the latest piece in her popular Pillow Talk range.

On her website, where you can snap up the lipgloss for £27, Charlotte writes that the gloss will deliver "fullness from the first touch", giving users a "juicy, plumped-up pout in seconds".

The new fragrance collection is available on

Featured Image Credit: Charlotte Tilbury/ Disney

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