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People call high street store sizing 'absolute joke' after Molly-Mae reveals she's size 14

People call high street store sizing 'absolute joke' after Molly-Mae reveals she's size 14

They are pointing out the major sizing inconsistencies

It's nothing new that high street clothing sizing has some pretty major inconsistencies across different outlets.

It seems we're always all at least three sizes at a time depending on where we shop - an 8 on ASOS, a 12 in New Look, a 14 in H&M - we've all been there.

However, the latest criticism follows people calling high street store sizing an 'absolute joke' after Molly-Mae revealed she was wearing a size 14 in a particularly popular shopping hotspot.

Molly-Mae's size 14 jeans has sparked a debate about the issues surrounding high street sizing.

The overlay text on the Instagram story read: "First pair of Zara jeans I've ever been happy with."

Molly-Mae - who recently got engaged to her Love Island co-star Tommy Fury - added: "I picked up a size 14 for reference," alongside a black heart emoji.

A screenshot of the story was subsequently shared to Twitter by one user who captioned it: "Molly-Mae wearing a size 14 in Zara shows how whack their sizing is because no way that girl is a 14."

The tweet has since gone viral after clocking up more than 2.4 million views at the point of writing after first being posted on Tuesday (8 August).

Hundreds have since rushed to share their reactions to the reveal with one Twitter user hitting out: "Everywhere now is an absolute joke it’s impossible to get clothes."

A second said: "I despise buying jeans bc I always have to size up and it always leaves me feeling so deflated. I have to remind myself often that a lot of other girls have the same issue and it’s not a me problem, but it's so infuriating. Especially when you have body image issues."

The original Twitter user who shared Molly-Mae's story added: "Can you imagine how damaging that is to people who struggle with eating disorders though?

Shoppers took to Twitter to share their frustration with the lack of inconsistency in regards to sizing across brands.

"If they’re actually a small but have to get an XL? And it’s s**t for those of us who are actually a L or XL!"

"This is proof I am not going mad," revealed a third. "Have never fit my usual size in there!"

A fourth hypothesised: "It’s like women’s sizing is made for us to feel bad it’s never consistent.

"I think every girl has felt bad when you go in somewhere and try something on at the size you usually buy and have to struggle and think why is my body like this"

Another Twitter user praised the Love Island star, adding: "I think it’s refreshing she has just picked the size that fits/suits her.

"So much easier if clothes didn’t have sizes and people picked what fit. It’s mad that people squeeze themselves into clothing that is clearly too tight just because they don’t want a bigger size."

What do you make of it?

Tyla has contacted Zara for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mollymae

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