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People Are Loving These Before-And-After Hair Transformations

People Are Loving These Before-And-After Hair Transformations

These are hair-raisingly gorgeous.

Let's face it - heading to the salon is a bit like playing Russian Roulette.

You know what you're letting yourself in for. There's always a slight chance you could end up gazing at your crestfallen reflection after a three-hour cut, telling the stylist you love it despite the lump in your throat.

Luckily, people seem to be loving these before-and-after transformations from one London-based salon - with many instilling trust in them to liven up their locks.

Vixen & Blush offer bespoke extensions handcrafted in their London lab. [
Vixen and Blush]

People have been absolutely adoring these comparison pictures courtesy of salon Vixen & Blush, including TV, radio and blogging stars like Capital FM's Sian Welby.

When the presenter posted a photo of her freshly-applied bespoke extensions on Instagram, her fans were left in awe.

"Hair!!!" one commenter said, while another gushed "nice hair".

Capital DJ Sian Welby's followers loved her hair. [

Vixen & Blush was founded back in 2012, with celebrity clients including Love Island favourite Chloe Burrows and Made In Chelsea's Nicole India Berry.

They boast in-house styling techniques and a fully bespoke service. Each set of extensions is custom-made and state-of-the art.

Their hair upgrades are definitely Instagram-worthy, and have been blowing up on the app of late. Looking at these mind-blowing photos, we can see why!

Social media users are loving these before and after transformations. [
Vixen and Blush]

While commenting on another before-and-after photo, one Instagram user said "love! You're simply the best".

"Amazing work!" said a second.

A third simply said, "stunning".

The salon creates hairstyles that tend to leave clients crying tears of joy, rather than the other way round. But how exactly do they achieve their awe-inspiring hairstyles?

These are gorgeous! [
Vixen & Blush]

Firstly, hairstylists use the 'Colour Blending Technique' to discover your true colour. Using the salon's in-house hair lab also enables them to add any finer details which are proven to make your hairstyle pop. After colour-matching, the team handcraft each singular strand.

Then, there are a number of ways in which they work to fit your hair with the extensions.

Clip-ins are available for those who need a short term solution. [
Vixen and Blush]

The 'Micro-Ring Method' is highly popular, reusable and safe. No glue is required, and each strand of hair is fitted with the rings to enable long-lasting results. After 3 months, you'll be able to get a new set for half the original price.

For those who prefer a short-term style, the 'Invisible Tape Method' lasts up to 6-8 weeks. This method is affordable and quick without having to compromise on hair quality.

Clip-in extensions are also available for people who usually wear them on a one-off night out.

Every strand is crafted with love. [
Vixen and Blush]

We always tend to follow the mantra, WWCBD (what would Chloe Burrows do?) and looking at these results, we don't regret it!

Featured Image Credit: Vixen and Blush

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