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Oscar nominee Tems slammed for wearing ‘rude’ outfit that blocks view

Oscar nominee Tems slammed for wearing ‘rude’ outfit that blocks view

Tems' outfit was stunning, but a little impractical.

As well as celebrating the stars of the silver screen, the Oscars is one of the biggest nights in fashion.

We've seen some interesting outfit choices on this year's red - or champagne, rather - carpet, but none as impractical as singer Tems'.

The Oscar nominee, who was up for Best Original Song for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's 'Lift Me Up', rocked up to the Dolby Theatre in a white lace gown that hooded around the back of her head.

On the red carpet, there were no complaints since it looked absolutely stunning.

But once the Nigerian singer was seated for the awards ceremony, it suddenly became apparent just how irritating the dress was going to be.

On the red carpet, Tems's outfit looked fabulous.
Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Tems quickly went viral online during live TV coverage of the awards, when she was spotted in the background.

Did she look gorgeous? Yes, of course!

Did she block the views of everyone sitting behind her? Almost definitely.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the prestigious awards ceremony, people vented their thoughts on Tems's look.

"I guess the people behind the white veil don’t get to see the show," one person tweeted.

"Who has to sit behind that woman with the white veil... rude," a second complained.

"She looks stunning but perhaps the designers could have made the top bit detachable," suggested a third.


And a fourth penned: "The dress is beautiful but impractical for being an audience member—which is a shared experience. Being considerate is courteous. But that said, she looks stunning."

Others, however, were quick to jump to Tems' defence.

"They should be happy to be in her presence IDK," one fan fired back.

“If you’re sitting BEHIND greatness that is known as Tems, then perhaps you’re just not that important," agreed another.


Tems' outfit wasn't the only one that caused a stir, either.

Florence Pugh, who was at the Oscars to present the award for Best Screenplay alongside Andrew Garfield, caused quite a bit of debate with her red carpet outfit of choice.

The Don't Worry Darling star wore a Valentino piece for the 95th Academy Awards that involved a pair of black shorts and matching platform heels, and a floor-length gown-like top.

And people had very strong feelings about it.

Taking to Twitter, one harsh fashion critic wrote: "Florence Pugh looks like a wadded up tissue."

Another suggested that Florence's dress looked like 'when you buy something breakable at HomeGoods and they wrap it in paper'.


It's hard to win over the fashion critics, eh?

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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