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Oscar nominee Tems breaks social media silence after wearing ‘rude’ outfit that blocked view

Oscar nominee Tems breaks social media silence after wearing ‘rude’ outfit that blocked view

Tems has broken her silence.

Oscar nominee Tems has broken her social media silence after the dress she wore to the awards caused a bit of a stir.

The singer, who co-wrote 'Lift Me Up', which was up for Best Original Song, strutted down the Oscars red carpet in a beautiful cloud-like dress that swept over her head like a hood.

On the carpet, it was absolutely flawless, but when it came to the ceremony... there were some issues.

During TV coverage, viewers quickly picked out Tems in the crowd, thanks to the sheer height of her dress.

On the carpet, her dress was flawless.
Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

That was when they realised that her gown was almost definitely blocking people's views.

It wasn't long before the social media commentary began, with one person tweeting: "I guess the people behind the white veil don’t get to see the show."

"The dress is beautiful but impractical for being an audience member—which is a shared experience. Being considerate is courteous. But that said, she looks stunning," wrote another.

"Who has to sit behind that woman with the white veil... rude," complained a third.

"You just know the person sitting behind her is so p***ed," added a fourth.

Now, Tems has taken to Instagram to post her Oscars pics and it seems a little like she's responding to all the hate.

Sharing some absolutely breathtaking snaps in the Lever Couture dress, all she wrote in the caption was: "Uh Ohh!"

Translation? Tems is unbothered.

In the comments, the singer's followers cheered her on with an endless supply of fire emojis.

"Block all their views! You too much," raved one fan.

Tems' dress was hard to miss - especially for anyone sat behind her.

"To see the Oscars, Tems and conditions [apply]," joked another.

"My girl they said you were blocking views, but they forgot you are the view," gushed a third.

Not everyone was too pleased with Tems though...

"You need to apologise for the person who sat behind you at the Oscars," complained one follower.

"We love you Tems. Beautiful dress but it was a bit unfair to people who were sitting around you. Next time opt for an outfit that won't be a barrier to others," penned a second.

And a third warned her: "You ain’t invited back to the Oscars, babe…"

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Tems explained why she chose the controversial dress.

“Two years ago, I would’ve said no to this dress. But it’s my first Oscars - I am going to go all out," she said.

"I really wanted to make the most of the day. The dress is also my way of celebrating my work and the people around me, celebrating my country, and celebrating the people that are rooting for me. This dress says ‘Yes, yes, I am here!'"

Well, you can't argue with her there!

Featured Image Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo / ABC

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