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Skinnydip Launches Lizzie McGuire Collection

Skinnydip Launches Lizzie McGuire Collection

Accessories brand Skinnydip has launched an incredible Lizzie McGuire collection and it's literally what dreams are made of.

Listen up, millennials! Skinnydip has launched a brand new collection inspired by one of the greatest shows from our childhood: the one and only Lizzie McGuire.

Yep, the series that taught us how to navigate being a teenager in the early 2000s starring Hillary Duff and her animated mini-me are back.

There are two Lizzie McGuire t-shirts available in the collection (

Fans who grew up with the Disney Channel classic, or those who have become obsessed with it since it went off the air in 2004, will beyond pleased with Skinnydip's collection.

There are two fabulous t-shirts on offer, one is embroidered with Lizzie's animated mini me and the other features a printed picture. Both are priced at £18.

Skinnydip is known for their array of unique, often sparkly, and eye-catching phone cases and accessories and the Lizzie McGuire collection is no exception. If you fancy decorated your regular old iPhone case with a splash of noughties nostalgia, look no further. The Lizzie McGuire phone case costs £20 and is emblazoned with pink and yellow flowers as well as the show's official logo and a picture of animated Lizzie.

Need a new phone case? Lizzie's got you sorted (

Finally, Lizzie McGuire obsessives can scoop a warm and fluffy sweatshirt. You can pair with your favourite skirt for a cute daytime look. It's available in size small to XL for £28. There's something for everybody!

The collection is sure to be popular so your best bet is to add your favourite garment to your basket as soon as you can.

Lizzie McGuire aired on Disney Channel between 2001 and 2004. Created by Terri Minksy, the series warmed the hearts of tweens across the world.

Lizzie McGuire is back thanks to Skinnydip (

There was even a Lizzie McGuire movie in 2003, with all the cast members and it's available to stream on Disney+, along with the series.

A revival featuring Lizzie as an adult was planned for Disney+ but due to creative difference the series was canned after filming two episodes.

Featured Image Credit: Skinnydip

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