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Lush launches limited edition Barbie collection

Gregory Robinson

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Lush launches limited edition Barbie collection

Featured Image Credit: Lush / Guillaume Payen/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Lush has launched a limited edition Barbie collection which is filled with the most adorable bath and body products inspired by the film.

The Greta Gerwig-directed phenomenon, which stars Margot Robbie as the titular doll opposite Ryan Gosling as Ken, has won the hearts of millions and grossed over a billion dollars at the global box office.

And if you're just as obsessed with Barbie and all things pink like the rest of the world at the moment, then you're in luck because the new collection at Lush is a sight to behold.



All products at Lush are fresh, handmade and cruelty free and have minimal packaging.

And this collab is no exception and it offers a huge range of of self-care products in the quintessential Barbie pink hue.

Barbie fanatics can buy a Barbie Bath bomb which is shaped like the iconic ‘B’ logo.

Once dropped into the bath, it fizzes and froths and turns your bathwater pink. Made with organic cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut cream for a luxurious soak that conditions the skin, you’ll emerge from the water feeling relaxed and smelling sweet.


Fans who have seen the film will remember Barbie’s delightful car which she uses to travel between Barbieland and the real world.

So, why not try the Barbie Bubble Bar which is shaped like Barbie’s car.

Sink into neon pink waters covered in mountains of beautiful bubbles with an extra fruity scent. The Barbie Bubble Bar is made from almond essential oils and notes of cherry, sweet wild orange and tonic for comfort.

Perfect for any Barbie fan.


But there are also two more soaps on offer that will remind you of some of your favourite moments from the acclaimed flick.

Lush has launched a new range of limited edition Barbie products. Credit: Lush
Lush has launched a new range of limited edition Barbie products. Credit: Lush

After the iconic image of Robbie slipping out of a pair of heels and remaining on her tippie toes went viral, people can’t stop talking about her footwear and, luckily for fans, there’s a fashionable pink Heel Soap made with a yummy rhubarb custard scent and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to leave the skin feeling soft and sweet.

Or you can lather up with the Barbie Boombox soap or the Barbie Handbag soap, both of which are also made with Lush’s palm-free soap base, rhubarb and custard scent and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to moisturise the skin.

The full Lush x Barbie range. Credit: Lush
The full Lush x Barbie range. Credit: Lush

The fun doesn’t have to end there, as Lush is also offering a pink Barbie shampoo to make your hair feel soft and shiny. It’s made with an infusion of marshmallow root and fresh strawberry and lemon juices.

However, Lush warns that if left on dry hair that is bleached, very fair or white, the shampoo could turn the hair pink! There's even a Barbie Comb on sale at Lush, which is made with recycled plastic in the iconic Barbie style.

Lush’s Barbie Jelly Mask could be the perfect addition for a spa day at home with friends. All you have to do is pinch a piece and work into a paste between your hands before smoothing it over your skin.

Barbie fans can buy a Barbie bath bomb and soaps and more at Lush. Credit: Lush
Barbie fans can buy a Barbie bath bomb and soaps and more at Lush. Credit: Lush

Lush have also made a Barbie Dream sugar scrub made with swirls of sugar, moisturising butters and brightening citrus oils to make the skin feel unreal.

And why not follow your dreams of soft, sparkly skin with the heart-shaped body balm, which is made with organic butters, hydrating oils, chocolatey-scented ruby cocoa liquour and glitter.

And last but not least, there’s the Barbie perfume, which is the priciest item in the collection.

Lush compares the scent to its seasonal 'Snow Fairy' scent, because it has a super sweet, pink scent and cherry notes of almond essential oil along with tonic and sweet wild orange.

All items are on sale now. See the full prices below:

Barbie Bath Bomb £6 each

Barbie Bubble Bar £7each.

Barbie Boombox Soap £6 each

Barbie Heel Soap £6 each

Barbie Handbag Soap £6.00 each

Barbie Pink Shampoo £9.00 100g, £18.00, 250g, £30.00, 500g

Barbie Jelly Mask £10.00

Barbie Dream Sugar Scrub, £9.00, 150g, £15.00, 290g

Barbie Body Balm £8.50

Barbie Comb £12

Barbie Perfume £35

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Gregory Robinson
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