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Tammy Girl is officially back after 17 years

Tammy Girl is officially back after 17 years

It's been nearly two decades since the beloved high street brand closed its final store

Nineties and noughties girlies rejoice….Tammy Girl is back!

It’s been 17 years since Tammy Girl closed its doors in 2005, breaking the hearts of teens and tweens across the UK.

However, the beloved high street brand is returning with its trademark mixture of Y2K fashion including cargo pants, crop tops and chunky heels.

Tammy Girl is back after the brand closed in 2005.
Michael Olivers/Alamy Stock Photo

Now available on ASOS, the former fashion giant is hoping to reach a whole new generation of shoppers as it relaunches.

With many Gen Zs wanting to recreate iconic looks worn in the late nineties and early noughties, it seems Tammy Girl’s new range will be an instant hit with shoppers.

Among the 99 item list are staples such as belted skirts and the iconic ‘babes’ sleeveless tee.

The brand has also revived its classic inflatable bubble bag for sentimental fans, which is available in purple and grey.

Featuring the classic Tammy Girl logo, the bag retails for £24 and even comes with its own pump.

Once reserved for the charity shop or car boot sale, the accessory is set to become a fashion must-have over the next few years.

Some fans have already been raiding their old wardrobe, with one person writing on Twitter: “Love this! I still have my original inflatable bubble bag in the loft.”

Bubble bags are back and even come with their own discreet pump!

Also returning are platform heels with many featuring adorable nineties details such as butterflies and brightly coloured beaded chains.

For those not wanting to be the centre of attention, there's also a range of long sleeve t-shirts which feature various Y2K designs and motifs.

The range also has more subtle nods to the period, with a sheer mesh blouse and office-friendly midi dress which original fans of the brand will love.

However, not everyone has welcomed the return of Tammy Girl.

Many millennials have taken to social media and stated how the revival has made them feel old, rather than nostalgic.

One former Tammy Girl even tweeted: “ASOS are selling Tammy Girl and I feel 100 years old.”

Others have also criticised the brand's lack of inclusivity, with sizes only ranging from 6 to 16 despite ASOS’s own Curve range going up to a size 30.

The beloved brand is now available on ASOS, but not all fans are thrilled.

A disappointed shopper even wrote: “believe me when i say i saw the tammy girl collection on @ASOS i RAN for my card until i realised they aren't plus size inclusive.”

In spite of the controversy surrounding the brand’s return, I'm sure many of us will be emptying our bank accounts as Tammy Girl’s range continues to sell out online.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Olivers/Alamy Stock Photo/ASOS

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