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Bride wears her 'school run' Crocs on her wedding day

Bride wears her 'school run' Crocs on her wedding day

The bride stepped out in style in her comfiest Crocs

A woman has only gone and put on a pair of the most polarising footwear items of all time - on her wedding day.

Bride Alice Ridings wanted her special day to be a comfortable one and decided to whack on a pair of lilac crocs to compliment her stunning ivory full length gown.

Despite having the option to wear a long enough gown to hide the crocs, she still decided to show them off.
Caters News Agency

The 24-year-old mum, who quite literally married her sole mate, initially planned to wear a pair of traditional diamante covered heels.

However, when the rain started to pour down, she went for substance over style and tied the knot with husband Ben, 25, in October, in a pair of croslite shoes.

Despite having the option to wear a long enough gown to hide the Crocs, she still decided show them off.

Apparently her loved ones were not bothered either.

I can just about get away with wearing Crocs to work - even then it leads to a full-blown investigation among colleagues.

Anyway, Alice from Bury, Manchester, did decide to slip on the heels for a few snaps - but the diamante shoes did not last long.

Crocs over Heels.
Caters News Agency

“I was always going to wear them on the evening. I did buy a pair of strappy heels, but it was raining and I just thought I love my Crocs, they are so comfy, I’m going to wear them all day instead,” the mum-of-two explained.

“I just knew I wouldn’t wear them as they were not comfortable.

“I just wanted to have fun, be comfortable and celebrate.

“When it started to rain again, I chucked my heels off for good and slipped back into my trusted Crocs.

“They are not even white, they are just my regular every day Crocs that I wear on the school run or to the shops.

“They are so comfortable, I wear them everywhere.”

Celebrating all night long, Alice opted to leave her heels in the corner because it was safer to wear Crocs while dancing on the tables.

She married her sole mate.
Caters News Agency

She added: “I wore my Crocs for the first dance, it was so much easier to dance in them and they were safer than heels when I ended up dancing on the tables.

“Our wedding was not traditional in the slightest.

“I did want a black dress but there isn’t many in the shops and I wanted to try it on, not order online.

“We are both covered in tattoos and I wanted mine on show for our day. I never wanted to hide them.

“While I was planning our wedding I realised everyone often forgets the main purpose.

“We were paying for the day so we planned it to suit us and the kids.

“We didn’t bother with favours. It was about marrying Ben, not little bits that were going to cost us a fortune.”

Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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