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Sofia Vergara’s two strict beauty rules that she never breaks that keep her looking young

Sofia Vergara’s two strict beauty rules that she never breaks that keep her looking young

Sofia Vergara 'did a lot of damage' to her skin when she was younger before wising up to these two rules

Sofia Vergara has revealed the ‘million’ beauty rules she is ‘obsessed’ with, that keep her looking so youthful in her fifties.

Sofia Vergara recently revealed her secret beauty top tips that ensure she looks youthful at 52 years old.

Despite admitting that there were ‘a million rules’ she was ‘obsessed’ with, there were a couple in particular that stand out that she decided to share with fans.

The Modern Family star also opened up about how she wishes she had taken better care of her skin when she was younger.

She realises the importance now, after living in South America, where the sun shines all year round.

The 52-year-old has shared her beauty secrets. (Instagram/@Sofiavergara)
The 52-year-old has shared her beauty secrets. (Instagram/@Sofiavergara)

She has also launched her own sun care line called Toty to help others include an SPF in their daily skincare and make-up routine.

Speaking to Glamour, she said: “In the '90s, I started realising that sunblock was so important for your face for ageing.

“I did a lot of damage to myself with the sun because living in South America, in Colombia, we don't even have seasons.

“It's all year long sun.”

Talking about her two top tips, she continued: “I always wash my face after going to bed.

“I try to avoid the sun on my face no matter what.

“I go on vacations and I'm not that diligent, to be honest with you, with the body because it's nice to feel a little sun, a little tan.

“But the face - it's funny, because my body's always so much darker than my face.

“My face is like a ghost. It doesn't even match my body.”

She never breaks these two rules. (Instagram/@sofiavergara)
She never breaks these two rules. (Instagram/@sofiavergara)

And the actress explained it wasn’t just skincare that she prioritises.

She also shared her favourite hair products, revealing how they have changed things for her.

She said: “I love Shu Uemura shampoos.

“They have changed my hair.

“I have to do a lot of things to it while I'm working.

“Sometimes they curl your hair, straighten your hair, pull your hair, colour your hair.

“I've been using it for a year now and it's really good.”

But with beauty at any age comes an influx of online hate, and Sofia shared her response to accusations that she has had plastic surgery.

She said: “I read it and it's like, ‘She has done so much stuff to herself that she doesn't even look like her anymore’.

“And I'm thinking, It's not like you have plastic surgery to look worse than before, come on!”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sofiavegara

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